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Generator Shortages This Hurricane Season

While the pandemic has increased demand on generators, the winter storm that swept through and caused extensive damages in February has impacted generator purchases. This has resulted in warehouse supplies being strained due the influx of demand. Normally, each hurricane season, supply and demand is there for customers wanting to purchase a generator, but this year will be different. 

Preparing Now

Our electricians are experiencing a two to three day waiting period on generator installations currently and are concerned about the upcoming months as we start preparing for hurricane season. If you're looking at purchasing a generator, go ahead and get it purchased so the installation time is as convenient as possible. A Generac home standby generator is the best choice for keeping critical home systems running automatically in the event of a power outage. You can also consider a Generac portable generator. Next to a home standby system, a portable generator is the best way to keep critical home systems and appliances up and running during a power outage.

You can't predict when a storm will hit, but you can prepare for it. That's why FEMA and the Red Cross recommend every family have an emergency preparedness kit in their home. The kit should include:

  • Food (enough for 72 hours)
  • Cash
  • Water (enough for 72 hours)
  • Change of clothes
  • Flashlight
  • First aid kit
  • Medications
  • Generator

Choosing an Automatic Home Backup Generator

Automatic home backup generators automatically turn on when the power goes out, and remain on until power returns. Generators help in dangerous weather-related situations by:

  • Keeping lights on so residents can see dangerous debris
  • Keeping furnaces running so residents can stay warm
  • Keeping refrigerators running so food and medication aren't spoiled
  • Keeping the Internet connection on so residents can stay connected, work from home, and monitor the storm
  • Keeping sump pumps working to reduce basement flooding

Other Ways To Prepare

In addition to making an emergency preparedness kit and installing a home backup generator, there are other ways to prepare for storm season:

  • Make copies of personal documents and papers in case originals are damaged
  • Find out where to take pets in case of an evacuation
  • Purchase extra batteries for weather radios
  • Ensure camera is charged to take pictures of damage for insurance purposes
  • Write down family and emergency contact information and give to loved ones

Generac Power Systems manufactures the most reliable home backup generators on the market, giving homeowners the safety and reliability needed to get through the storm. So while you can't predict the storm, you can prepare to get through it safely.

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