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Is your Heater Prepared for Winter?


You never want your family to get caught in the cold in Florida, especially when winter is approaching. Your home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is designed to give you reliable service, but no HVAC equipment is immune to breakdowns. All systems will wear out and it's important to stay on top of industry developments in order to take advantage of newer, more energy-efficient models.

Benefits of Repairing or Replacing Your Heater

  • Increase in efficiency
  • Save money on power bills
  • Lower maintenance costs

Questions Homeowners Should Ask Themselves About Their Heater

Is your home being heated evenly?

There's one room in your house that never seems to get as warm as the rest of the building. If it's the guest bedroom and you seldom spend time there, you might not notice the problem for a while. Uneven heating indicates a problem in the system that an expert should check into.

Are you hearing unusual noises from your system?

By now, you and your family are probably accustomed to the various sounds made in your home, from creaking floors to the humming of the HVAC system when it starts up. If you hear a strange sound emanating from the system, it's time to call qualified professionals for assistance.

Are you constantly adjusting the thermostat?

Many families play out a familiar scenario during the winter months. One person is too cold and keeps getting up to move the thermostat higher, while another finds the room too hot.

That's common enough, but if you find yourself adjusting the controls beyond what you'd typically expect in a conflict over proper room temperature, it's another sign that the heater is not working properly.

Have you noticed a spike in your power bill?

Examine your utility records for the last few years (many times you can find digital record in your email inbox if you lack the paper statements). If you see a big change in the bill but there are no significant changes on your end (a new person lives in the home and uses the heater more than everyone else, for example), this is a red flag.

Should you repair or replace?

Consult with your HVAC technician on the merits of repairing or replacing your heater. Every situation is different, and each homeowner will have distinct needs. If you have a limited budget, repairs might be the best approach.

If your budget can accommodate it, though, it would be wise to consider outright replacement because of the cost savings. This is because the latest heating equipment will be more efficient than models built 10 years ago. You might also be eligible to receive a rebate or other discount through a government or industry program. Ask your heating technician for the latest details on such offerings.

At David Gray Heating & Air, each of our insightful and knowledgeable technicians has vast experience in installing, cleaning and maintaining heater for homeowners and business owners in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area and neighboring regions. When your heater starts making unusual sounds or if your utility bills seem to be inordinately high, it's a sign that you should call in for some professional help. Don't put off an inspection because more homeowners will be calling for service as it gets colder this year. For details the benefits of repairing or replacing your home's heater now, please contact the heating experts at David Gray Heating & Air today.

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