Commercial Repiping Services in Jacksonville, FL

When you need to replace polybutylene pipes with PEX or repipe water lines because of tree roots, you need a repiping specialist to do the job right! At David Gray, we serve commercial clients throughout Florida. Our recipe specialists can tell you everything from the cost to replace galvanized pipes to the best strategies for repiping your business as part of a structural renovation project.

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Why is Repiping Water Lines Necessary?

Plumbing systems are solid and sturdy, but they don't last forever. As pipes age, they can crack, corrode, and rust. In addition, tree roots can infiltrate the pipe, construction work can crush pipes, and in the case of polybutylene pipes, they can crack and leak all over the floor.  

Damaged pipes can cause structural damage, inventory loss, physical assets damage, and diminish your water quality. If left unrepaired, this damage can significantly reduce the value of your property. It can also cause health issues and make your property less attractive to future tenants. Thus, commercial repiping is an investment in the future of your business. 

Replacing Polybutylene Pipes

Polybutylene pipes were installed in businesses and homes from the late 1970s up until about the mid-1990s. These gray, blue, or white pipes were cheaper than copper and sold as the future of plumbing. However, these have not stood the test of time, and they are prone to cracking and sudden failure.

At David Gray, we can replace polybutylene pipes with PEX (polyethylene) or copper pipes. Choosing a PEX or copper repipe helps protect your business and ensures you will have a reliable water supply. 

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David Gray Plumbing Is Ready to Work for You!

For nearly four decades, the team at David Gray has served clients throughout Jacksonville and surrounding communities. Our technicians complete extensive training and can repipe your business quickly and effectively. When you need a commercial repiping specialist you can trust, you need the team at David Gray doing the work.  

We encourage you to contact David Gray at (904) 724-7211 to learn more about our commercial repiping services!

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Repiping

What are PEX pipes?

PEX stands for polyethylene pipes, which are cost-effective and less expensive than copper. This flexible pipe is designed to resist scale and won't rust over time. In addition, PEX pipes are easier to install than copper, requiring very few connections and fittings; this makes them less likely to leak than other plumbing options.

Why do polybutylene pipes fail?

Polybutylene pipes we designed to incorporate chlorine and other chemicals in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, over time, these react with water and can cause the pipes to deteriorate and crack. It can also cause the fittings to loosen and leak.

How do you detect underground leaks?

The team at David Gray has a full range of detection equipment, including camera systems that can detect leaks deep within your pipes. Before performing a commercial repiping, we thoroughly inspect the pipes to determine the extent of the damage and the best way to replace the pipes.

Will repiping damage my property?

Our crews apply the most non-invasive repiping techniques possible. Our goal is to cause as little disruption as possible and complete the commercial repiping as quickly as possible. When we're done, the only reason you'll know we were there is the smooth, efficient, and reliable function of your plumbing system.

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