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Installing a new air conditioner is an investment in your comfort. We ensure our clients enjoy reduced energy bills, enhanced comfort, and lower maintenance costs. Equally important, the certified HVAC technicians at David Gray Heating & Air work hard to deliver superior quality and professional customer service, making our company the most dependable in Jacksonville.  

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Signs You Need To Replace Your AC

Every air conditioner reaches the end of its service life eventually — know when it’s time to start thinking about an upgrade for yours by looking for these warning signs:

  • Age: Air conditioners last, with good maintenance, about 15 years before you’re fighting a losing battle against time. If yours is 10 years or older and needs attention, strongly consider replacing it instead.
  • Repair frequency: If you keep needing to repair an air conditioner, old or not, it’s a good idea to look into replacement options.
  • Inefficiency: Once an air conditioner is about 10 years old, it falls behind in efficiency between outdated technology and wear and tear. By 15 years, it’s substantially worse than a new unit could be.
  • Visible damage: Once you can see any visible corrosion on your system, it’s a good idea to consider a replacement because corrosion damage is costly to repair, if possible.
  • Consistency: If your air conditioner doesn’t work as intended throughout the year, even with repairs and regular maintenance, it’s time to consider a new one.
  • Comfort: If your system can’t keep your home comfortable due to age, size, efficiency, etc., a replacement is a great idea to improve your quality of life.
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Upgrade Your Air Conditioning to a Top HVAC Brand

Our team can replace your existing cooling system with a new, energy-efficient, eco-friendly air conditioning system. This includes split systems, ductless mini-splits, window/wall units, and swamp coolers. 

We are proud to carry a broad selection of the world's finest air conditioning systems, including those manufactured by the following:

  • Carrier®
  • Rheem®
  • American Standard®
  • And more!

We carefully select the units we offer for their ENERGY STAR® rating. This guarantees they will deliver the superior energy efficiency our clients in Jacksonville desire. Our goal is to help our clients enjoy the maximum return on their investment. We offer only the highest quality products from the most reliable AC manufacturers. 

Our team works closely with our clients to select the appropriately sized system for the property. We will remove and dispose of the old air conditioning system, prepare the site for the new installation, and then install the new unit to comply with all area codes and requirements. 

Contact David Gray Heating & Air at (904) 467-0784 for more information about the brands we carry and our AC installation services.

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Benefits of Replacing Your AC System

A replacement air conditioning system can offer you more than just reliable cooling. When you pursue air conditioner installation at the right time, you can get a whole lot of benefits that include:

  • Higher efficiency: A new cooling system can operate at efficiency ratings that exceed those of units five or 10 years older by leaps and bounds, offering greater comfort and helping lower those high cooling costs.  
  • Fewer repair costs and complications: The older and more worn out a system is, the more you need to repair it. AC maintenance can help mitigate this a bit, but there will still come a time when the air conditioner repair costs become too much to bear!
  • Better indoor air quality: Modern cooling systems offer stronger and more effective air quality control systems — a benefit for the unit itself and one you can enjoy the effects of.
  • Improved warranties: New systems offer excellent warranties, giving you superior protection that ensures you and your family stay equipped to deal with the hot summer and spring seasons.

Contact David Gray Heating & Air at (904) 467-0784 to discuss the benefits of installing a new air conditioning system in your home or business. We will tell you about our systems and the cost savings a new system will deliver.

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We Offer Financing for Qualified Customers

David Gray Heating & Air offers affordable financing options for our clients in Jacksonville, FL. We regularly provide AC installation coupons and special offers and maintain an up-to-date list of all rebates and tax credits. We do everything possible to ensure that the cost of installing a new air conditioning system is as easy and affordable as possible. 

Call [site_info_phone_number] to learn more about our financing options through Wells Fargo Bank and Carrier®.

Why Choose Us?

The David Gray Heating & Air team understands the unique needs of homeowners and businesses in Jacksonville. We know that one-size-fits-all solutions don't deliver the comfort you require, so we provide customized climate control solutions for all our clients. We'll handle every step of the process, from obtaining permits to turning on your new system. Our team of certified HVAC technicians is fully licensed, insured, and ready to deliver the superior quality and service you desire.

Contact David Gray Heating & Air at (904) 467-0784 for more information about why homeowners and businesses choose us for their AC needs.

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