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Electrical Panel Changes in Jacksonville

Though you may not realize it, the electrical panel in your home serves an incredibly important purpose. It acts as a moderator of the amount of electricity coming into the home, making sure the home is not flooded with more power than the system can accommodate. It also regulates how much electricity is routed to each part of the home, which keeps the appliances from getting overloaded with excess power. Unfortunately, an older electricity panel may not work as well as a newer one, resulting in a possible fire hazard. If you've recently moved into an older or historical home, your electrical panel may not be adequately safe to protect your home against power surges and fires.

Why Upgrade Your Electrical Panel?

You've likely had the experience of your electrical panel tripping due to many appliances operating at once in the home. While this can be annoying, there is an important reason this happens: to keep the home's electrical system from overloading and possibly starting a fire. Older electrical panels may fail to trip when circuits get overloaded, which can present a fire hazard. To ensure that your home is kept safe, a newer electric panel should be installed. The new panel will protect your home against potential fire hazards that might occur due to power being improperly regulated.

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How Do Electrical Panel Upgrades Improve Safety?

In some cases, you may experience issues getting your home insured or listing it for sale when you are ready if you have an older panel in your home. This is especially true for homes with Federal Pacific Panels, which were popular from the 1950s to the 1990s. These panels were found to be unsafe after this time, but still exist in many people's homes. A qualified electrician can identify one of these panels on site, as well as offer you advice about the new panel, the appropriate amperage for your home and any other concerns you may have.

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