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The main electrical panel is one of the most critical components in any home’s electrical system. It takes the incoming power from the utility grid and divides it into multiple circuits, each protected by a circuit breaker. If the electrical panel in your Jacksonville home is overloaded or damaged, it could pose a significant risk to your home and family.

When you need a licensed and fully qualified electrician for electrical panel repairs, replacements, or upgrades, talk to our team at David Gray Electrical. We have been serving Jacksonville and the surrounding areas since 1983. As a family-owned company, we offer fast, friendly service that you can count on, along with honest, upfront pricing and free estimates on repairs and replacements.

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Reliable Electrical Panel Installations & Replacements

If your home is more than a decade or two old, there is a good chance that your current electrical panel is reaching its maximum capacity. An electrical panel's bus bars, terminals, and circuit breakers have a finite current rating. If you meet or exceed that number, you risk damaging the electrical panel, causing a breaker to fail, or overheating the wiring to a circuit, potentially causing a fire.

When it is time to update your electrical panel, contact our team at David Gray Electrical. We offer electrical panel installations and replacements throughout Jacksonville and nearby communities. Our team will inspect your current electrical panel, determine your power needs, and recommend the best replacement for your budget.

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Signs You Need an Electrical Panel Upgrade

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An overloaded, damaged, or obsolete electrical panel can be quite dangerous. Besides the fire risk, it can also cause electrocution, depending on the damage. To keep your Jacksonville home safe and protected, call David Gray Electrical at the first sign that your electrical panel needs to be upgraded, such as:

  • Buzzing sounds: Buzzing near the electrical panel can indicate a bad connection between a breaker and the bus bar or a loose terminal, increasing resistance and overheating.
  • Hot breakers: A circuit breaker that is warm or hot to the touch is faulty and needs to be replaced immediately to avoid further damage or a fire.
  • Flickering lights: If your lights dim or flicker when large appliances turn on, you may have an overloaded panel that should be upgraded to provide more current-carrying capacity. You should have a professional inspect it to be sure.
  • No space for new circuits: If all the spaces in your electrical panel are filled with circuit breakers, and you need to add a new circuit or two, it's best to upgrade the electrical panel. There are dual-gang breakers that can fit two breakers into the space of one, but once the panel is full, it is likely reaching the limits of your current electrical service.

Is replacing your electrical panel a good idea? Contact us online or call our team today at (904) 467-0784 to speak with an electrical expert.

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Dependable Electrical Panel Repairs

Do you have a faulty circuit breaker, loose terminals, or overheating problems with your electrical panel? Call our team at David Gray for repairs. We offer electrical panel repairs, circuit breakers, wiring, panel upgrades, and more. Our skilled, courteous electricians are available 24 hours a day for emergency electrical services, and we feature fair pricing with total estimates before any work is done. When you need quality electrical panel repairs in Jacksonville or Florida’s First Coast, count on David Gray.

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Top-Quality Electrical Panel Inspections

If you suspect a problem with your electrical panel, don’t risk unnecessary damage to your home — contact our team at David Gray Electrical immediately for an electrical panel inspection. Our experienced electricians can inspect the panel, breakers, and wiring to ensure everything is safe and secure. If we find a problem, we will explain it carefully and offer the best solutions for your budget.

Contact our experts online or call (904) 467-0784 to schedule your electrical panel inspection in Jacksonville today.

Why Choose David Gray?

With over 40 years of experience in the Jacksonville area, our team at David Gray has the know-how to keep your home’s electrical system safe and working reliably. We can do everything from electrical panel repairs and upgrades to new circuit additions or dedicated appliance wiring. We feature exceptional service with plenty of five-star reviews from our customers, and we offer valuable special offers that can help you save money on our services. When you need fast, local electricians that put your needs first, choose David Gray.

Call (904) 467-0784 for help with all your home electrical needs in Jacksonville, including electrical panel repairs, upgrades, and more.

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Electrical Panel FAQs

Should a fuse panel be replaced?

If your home has a fuse panel instead of a circuit breaker, it should be replaced immediately. Not only are circuit breakers more convenient because they can be reset when tripped, but they can also provide higher overall current and greater safety. Plus, the wiring may also be outdated and unsafe if you have a fuse panel, and your homeowners insurance will likely not cover the panel. Call our team at David Gray for an electrical inspection today.

Can I add a heavy-duty circuit for an appliance?

If your circuit panel has spare slots for additional circuit breakers, adding a dedicated appliance circuit for something like an air conditioner, a dryer, or a welder should be possible. One slot will be necessary for 120-volt, 15-, or 20-amp circuits, while 240-volt circuits will require two adjacent slots. To request a quote for a new appliance circuit, contact our experts at David Gray today.

Can I add an EV charger to my home?

EV chargers can draw much current, and while it should be possible to add a charging station to most homes, some may be limited by the current capacity of the electrical panel. Our team at David Gray can evaluate your electrical needs and determine if you need a panel replacement to add an EV charger or other high-current devices like tankless water heaters or air conditioners.

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