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Most homeowners assume they have clean air inside their residences. But to know for sure, opting for air quality services in St. Augustine is imperative. David Gray can help with various indoor air quality solutions, from UV lighting systems to duct cleaning.

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What Is Air Quality Testing?

This testing shows if your home's air is clean or not. If it's dirty, it's likely due to bacteria, dust, and mold spores circulating throughout the house. The longer you delay air quality testing, the more likely your health will suffer from such irritants.

At David Gray Heating & Air, our technicians perform a thorough assessment when testing indoor air. They'll look for dust, pollen, mold, dander, and bacteria, among other common impurities. You can also expect your technician to check for radon and combustible pollutants at this time.

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Reasons You Might Need Air Quality Testing

Are you wondering if an air quality test makes sense for your home? David Gray recommends scheduling one if you have:

  • Bad allergies: Dirty air often leads to red eyes and sneezing for you or other family members.
  • Asthma issues: Irritants such as bacteria and dust can exacerbate asthma symptoms, making air quality testing an even higher priority.
  • Musty-smelling air: Unfortunately, this smell may indicate the presence of mildew or mold somewhere in your residence.
  • An older home: Over time, factors like dust buildup, mold growth, and humidity problems can create air quality challenges for an older house.

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What We Can Diagnose With Air Quality Testing

An indoor air quality test can help us identify:

  • Carbon monoxide & radon issues: Remember that radon and carbon monoxide can be dangerous, especially if not dealt with promptly.
  • Indoor pollutants: Air quality testing will immediately reveal pollution, dust, and pet hair.
  • Mold: Since mold can damage your home and impact your family's health, it's worth finding a professional "if the area of contamination is large or behind a wall," per the Environmental Protection Agency.

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Air Quality Improvement Tools

After determining your home's air quality, our technicians will use at least one of the following improvement tools:

  • Air filtration: Cleaner inside air usually starts with a filtration system. This product automatically removes contaminants from the air, making it safer and cleaner for your family.
  • UV lighting systems: Did you know that your air duct surfaces, cooling coils, and drip pans have microbes containing harmful bacteria? UV lighting systems from David Gray will counteract these microbes, ensuring healthier air for your loved ones.
  • Air scrubbers: Remove irritants more effectively with disinfecting agents and UV light in air scrubbers. Those who invest in air scrubber services enjoy a cleaner home, lower energy costs, and a better-performing HVAC system.
  • Duct cleaning: If you've never cleaned your air ducts, your HVAC system probably recirculates dust, mildew, mold, and other contaminants in your home. Scheduling regular duct cleaning allows us to remove grime and grit, so you and your family can benefit from clean air again.

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