Home EV Charging Station Installation in Jacksonville, FL

Home EV Charging Station Installation in Jacksonville, FL

For EV charging station installation services you can trust in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas, contact David Gray. Our expert team of electricians can offer you a free estimate and answer any questions you have about installing an EV charging point in your home. We’ll provide you with an upfront and honest price so that you can make informed decisions.  

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Regional Requirements and Possible Incentives for EV Charging Station Installation

Though neither Jacksonville nor the state of Florida have any prerequisites to install a home electric car charger on your property, we recommend considering the following before installation:

  • Station location and flexibility: If you’re like most Jacksonville homeowners who have an electric vehicle, you’ll want to charge your car in your garage or in a driveway near your garage. Wherever you choose to charge, you’ll need an electrical panel installed within 10 to 20 feet of where you park. If you don’t have one installed nearby, David Gray can install an electrical panel that will allow you to charge your vehicle wherever needed. There are also home electric car chargers with longer hoses for your convenience.
  • Amperage needs: Level 2 chargers are the most common EV charging station type installed in homes across the nation. This level requires a 240V outlet, which is the same voltage needed for a clothes dryer. A David Gray electrician can inspect your home and make sure that you have the wiring required for your chosen charging level.
  • Your budget: Charging features that allow you to charge your vehicle faster will typically cost more.
  • Incentives from your energy company: Some energy and utilities companies provide incentives for charging your electric vehicle at certain times of the day or will provide other miscellaneous rebates. Contact your energy provider and ask if they offer incentives or rebates for a home EV charging station.

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Trust David Gray for EV Charging Station Installation Services

David Gray Electrical is honored to be known as a trusted electrical services provider in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine communities. Since 1983, David Gray has repaired and installed many different types of electrical systems and appliances for homeowners and business owners in the area. Our home EV charging station services are an extension of this tradition of excellent service.

Request an inspection of your electrical system to evaluate what your home needs to install a home EV charging station. Call us at (904) 467-0784 or send us a message online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my house need additional wiring?

If you do not have an electrical panel installed within 10 to 20 feet of where you plan to park your car, or if don’t have an outlet that can handle 240V for a level 2 charger, you might need additional wiring. We recommend asking a David Gray master electrician to inspect your electrical system to assess exactly what you need.

What are the different levels of electric vehicle charging?

  • Level 1 charger: Standard 110V electrical outlet. This charger level is easy to use with almost any outlet in your home, but it charges slowly. A level 1 charger likely came with your car when you purchased it.
  • Level 2 charger: Uses 240V outlet, which is the type of outlet normally used for clothes dryers. This is the most common charger type installed in homes and in public places across the state of Florida. It usually allows you to charge your car overnight.
  • Level 3/DC fast charger: These chargers are found near highways or outside large retail spaces. They require amperage levels that are not available in residential areas. With a level 3 charger, you can typically get a complete charge in less than an hour.

How much space do you need for a home charging station?

You need an electrical panel installed on a wall nearby. Both the charging station and the electrical panel are mounted on walls.

Can I install a charging station my own?

No. Since a home EV charging station installation will require wiring and working with high voltages, we do not recommend you attempt installing one yourself. You need a trained professional to install the station for you, no matter what charger level you choose.

Will the charging station work with any vehicle brand?

A level 2 charger is generally universal in that it can charge any EV brand, but you might need an adapter that fits your vehicle. Adapters are often provided when a vehicle is purchased. 

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