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At David Gray Electrical, we’re committed to providing you with exceptional electrical service. Rest assured, our electricians will never try to push any service on you if you don't need it, and there are no surprises with our upfront pricing. With a team of licensed, trained, and experienced technicians, we are capable of fixing virtually any electrical issue in your home or business. 

We are always available to come to your rescue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Signs You Need to Call an Electrician

When the electricity in your home needs service, it won’t be shy about letting you know. The following are just some of the signs that tell you it’s time to call in a David Gray electrician:

  • Persistent fuses blowing or circuits tripping
  • Sparking appliances or electrical breaker
  • Flickering lights
  • Excessive use of extension cords
  • Hot switch plates or outlets
  • Insufficient number of outlets in the home
  • There's a light switch in the home that doesn’t turn anything on
  • Electric shock from touching light switches, outlets, or other electrical systems
  • Rusty or moist electrical outlet
  • Buzzing in the walls
  • Burn marks on an outlet

If you’ve experienced any of these symptoms in your Jacksonville home, it’s time to call in the experts at David Gray Electrical. Contact our team to schedule the high-quality, fast, effective electrical services your home deserves today.

Residential Electrical Services in Jacksonville

The electrical system in your Jacksonville home is an essential part of your everyday life. As it supplies power to your appliances, electronics, and lighting systems, it is important to ensure it receives the care and maintenance it needs to stay safe and reliable. At David Gray Electrical, our licensed, experienced electricians can help. We offer a full line of electrical services for your Jacksonville home, including:

Emergency Electrical Repairs

Have you discovered a dangerous situation like overheating wires, a faulty breaker, or an outlet that has melted? Call our team at David Gray Electrical right away. We offer emergency electrical repairs throughout the Jacksonville area, and we will respond quickly to solve the problem and put you back at ease faster.


When you need a light fixture installed, replaced, or repaired, turn to our experts at David Gray Electrical. We work with all types of lighting products, including chandeliers, ceiling fans, recessed lighting, under-cabinet lights, pendant lights, LED strips, kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, exterior lighting, security lighting, and more,

Panels & Circuit Breakers

Do you need a new service panel? Has a circuit breaker failed? At David Gray Electrical, we can help with all your service panel needs, from service panel upgrades or heavy-ups to circuit breaker replacements, GFCI breaker installations, arc-fault breaker installations, and more.

Home Generators

Between hurricanes, thunderstorms, and routine utility maintenance, power outages are not uncommon in the Jacksonville area. If you would like to avoid extended outages and prepare for emergencies, David Gray Electrical can help. We offer home backup generator installations, repairs, and maintenance, along with transfer switch installations and wiring services.

Smart Home Automation

Would you like precision control over your home whether you are there or not? At David Gray Electrical, we offer home automation services and solutions to help you manage and control many of your home’s most vital systems. We install and service smart home equipment like smart thermostats, smoke detectors, lighting, doorbells, security systems, and more.

Surge Protection

Ensure your costly appliances and electronics are protected from surges and other electrical faults with a whole-home surge protector. Our experts at David Gray Electrical can install the ideal surge protection system for your needs, and we can help you determine which devices may need additional point-of-use protection.

Call us today at (904) 724-7211 or contact us online to schedule residential electrical services anywhere in the Jacksonville area.

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When you need electrical service, there’s no better team for the job than David Gray Electrical. Our experienced electricians have the skills and tools necessary to address virtually any electrical problem in your home. Contact us to set up your electrical service appointment today. We serve Jacksonville, FL, and surrounding areas.

Commonly Asked Electrical Questions

Where are GFCI outlets required?

Designed to protect against electrocution due to wet conditions or electrical faults, homeowners must use GFCI protection for any outlets that are within 10 feet of a water source. This includes kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and near pools or hot tubs.

Why is my outlet sparking?

A small spark is normal when plugging or unplugging something, but large sparks, melted outlets, scorched outlets, or outlets that are warm to the touch could indicate deeper problems.

Why won’t my outlet hold a plug?

With time, the springs in the outlet that hold the plug in place can wear, allowing plugs to fall out. The only solution is to replace the outlet, and if you would like a more durable alternative, consider upgrading to commercial-grade outlets.

Why is my circuit breaker tripping?

Usually, breakers trip due to overloaded circuits. Add up the current rating of all devices and make sure they do not exceed the circuit’s maximum capacity; typically, it's 15 amps for a residential circuit. Remove one or more devices and call a professional if the breaker keeps tripping.

How big of a generator do I need?

Decide what devices you will need during an outage, and add up the wattage for all of them. Some devices will list only current, so to find the wattage, multiply the current in amps by the voltage for the circuit, typically 120 volts. The generator should be rated for about twice the wattage of your combined loads.

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