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Tired of lighting candles and using flashlights for hours during an outage? Keep the power on during the next bad storm with a top-of-the-line generator. Homeowners in and around Jacksonville, FL, turn to David Gray for electrical services, including generator installation, repair, and maintenance.

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Our Generator Services in Jacksonville, FL

David Gray offers comprehensive generator services for homeowners in our community. Our highly trained team has the knowledge and skills to handle all your backup power needs.

You can choose from different types of generators to suit your family’s needs. Generator options we service include:

  • Whole-home generators
  • Standby generators
  • Backup generators
  • Portable generators
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Generator Installation & Replacement

Generac generator installed outside a Florida home

Whether you want to install a generator for your new home or need to replace your old, faulty generator, you can rely on the pros from David Gray. We handle generator installation and replacement work for residential clients. We’re an authorized dealer for Generac, a trusted brand known for quality.

For basic generator installations, we install a power inlet for your portable generator to plug into during a power outage. We then install a manual transfer switch in your electrical panel so you can safely and easily switch from the power grid to your generator. During a power outage, you would plug in your portable generator, start it up, and turn the transfer switch to "generator mode." We can install transfer switches that manage your entire home so that you don’t have to connect your generator when you want to use it manually.

Our team can also handle turnkey installations. We will purchase and deliver your generator and install your critical power loads. Once everything is complete, a certified generator specialist will start your generator and set your generator run cycle and power settings. These backup generators come on automatically when your power goes out and turn themselves off when your power is restored. They also automatically turn on once a week to exercise the motor and only need maintenance once a year.

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Generator Repair

Is your generator leaking fuel? Are you having a hard time turning your generator on? Don’t search the internet for DIY repairs and potentially damage your equipment or hurt yourself. Instead, reach out to us for generator repairs. We’ll figure out what’s causing your generator issues and fix it immediately so that you have reliable power when needed.

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Generator Maintenance

Investing in routine maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your generator in good shape. Luckily, David Gray offers preventive generator maintenance services for homeowners. We’ll check over your generator thoroughly and fix any problems. This could extend your generator’s service life and ensure it’s ready when needed.

Annual maintenance tasks include:

  • Inspecting fuel lines, fuel levels, and connections
  • Checking wiring for loose connections, corrosion, and damage
  • Checking battery charge state and cranking voltage
  • And more!

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Benefits of Installing a Generator in Your Florida Home

It’s worth investing in a generator for your property, especially in places with hurricanes and bad storms, like Florida. Installing a generator will improve your:

  • Comfort: You can keep the lights and HVAC system on during an outage.
  • Safety: You’ll be able to navigate your home without flashlights and charge your phones and medical equipment.
  • Convenience: A whole-home generator will switch on automatically when there’s an outage.
  • Peace of mind: You’ll feel better knowing that your family will have electricity, entertainment, and other necessities during an outage.

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Why Choose David Gray for Generator Services in St. Augustine?

Make David Gray your go-to choice for generator installation, repair, and maintenance services in Jacksonville, FL, and the surrounding areas. We’re a trusted electrical company for homeowners in the community. You’ll appreciate our honest, upfront pricing, 24/7 emergency repair services, and free estimates.

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FAQs About Generators

Can a turnkey installation power my whole home?

Yes, depending on the size of both your home and the generator you want to install. You can ask us to install a generator that can power your entire home or only handles your most important circuits. The main difference between a turnkey installation and a basic installation is the turnkey generator comes on automatically during a power outage.

Do I need to have a portable generator to get the basic setup?

No, we can install the generator setup, and you can purchase a generator anytime. All you have to do is plug in your new unit to the electrical setup.

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