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ViegaPEX is a very durable product made of cross-linked polyethylene. The cross-linked polyethylene, or PEX, is stable for higher temperature applications such as plumbing and radiant heating. ViegaPEX offers a superior chlorine resistance and protection against corrosion and freezing and is resistant to ultra violet (UV) light for up to 60 days. 

Viega's Pex piping system has one of the best warranties in the business. 



The Viega MANABLOC is a unique plumbing water distribution system that can provide homeowners with dramatic water and energy savings. Each fixture in a house (e.g. shower, kitchen sink, toilet) is fed by its own flexible water distribution line, made of ViegaPEX tubing, that runs directly from a central manifold system, called the Viega MANABLOC. 

By providing each fixture with its own distribution line (blue indicates cold water and red indicates hot water), the line can be made just the right size based on the amount of water that is needed. For example, shower heads may need more water than low-flow fixtures such as toilets or dish washers, so larger lines can be run from the MANABLOC to the shower. This results in faster hot water and reduced waste. 

All PEX tubing products from Viega offer proven resistance to chemically aggressive water conditions and temperature aging for longer life expectancy. Our PEX tubing meets and exceeds strict standards within the plumbing industry for potable (drinking) water. ViegaPEX is also one of the few brands that has obtained a CL-R rating from NSF International. This means Viega's PEX product was exposed to high levels of chlorinated water in high temperatures and high pressure conditions to make sure it will last for a very long time - providing homeowners piece of mind. 
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Combined with ViegaPEX tubing, the MANABLOC offers additional benefits to both the plumber who is installing the system and the homeowner who uses it. Additional benefits include: 

  • Fewer fittings (connections) behind the walls of the house.
  • Individual shut-off valves. If one fixture needs to be worked on , it is no longer necessary to completely turn off water to the entire house or building.
  • Balanced water pressure. This reduces the chances of hot or cold surges that may occur when two or more plumbing fixtures are used at the same time.
  • Quiet operation. With ViegaPEX flexible tubing, a MANABLOC system silences the annoying "water hammer" noise that is common with rigid piping systems.
  • Easy installation. The Viega MANABLOC water distribution system with ViegaPEX tubing is fast and easy to install. It is corrosion resistant, also.
  • Resists freezing. Installed with freeze damage resistant ViegaPEX tubing.
  • Reliable. A 10-year transferable system warranty comes with every MANABLOC.

The MANABLOC is designed to incorporate PEX press, crimp or compression connections for both supply and distribution lines. Plumbers may choose their preferred connection method. 

The Viega PureFlow PEX press fitting has been redesigned with added features and benefits. It now has an attached sleeve and color-coded ring for easier installation on the job site. In addition, these fittings are tested and listed for use in potable water applications, radiant systems and residential fire sprinkler installations. 



The PureFlow PEX Press Fitting System requires NO glue, NO solder, NO torches and NO lubricants. It is unaffected by installation temperature extremes because it does not rely on the expansion and contraction of the tubing to complete the joint. It can be tested immediately so there is no waiting for glue to dry, fittings to cool or plastic rings to contract. 

The PureFlow Plumbing System press joining technology has been used by Viega in Europe since 1983. It was introduced to the North American market in 1999. The strength and quality of our system has been proven for over 25 years. The flexibility and easy connections of the PureFlow Plumbing System make it ideal for new or retrofit applications, especially where new tubing is installed in existing finished walls. 

PureFlow Bronze PEX Press fittings are the ultimate PEX fitting solution for contractors and builders nationwide. The bronze material is more corrosion-resistant than copper or brass and has provided millions of durable connections nationwide. 


  • Same trusted Viega bronze material
  • Resistant to corrosion and dezincification
  • Attached sleeve for quick installation
  • No assembly required
  • Professional appearance
  • Color coded rings for each dimension
  • Coordinates with press tool handle colors
  • Increased size ranges: 5/16", 3/8",1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 1", 1¼", & 1½"
  • New 5/16" press tool and fittings for ProRadiant
  • PEX Press fittings designed to be compatible with ProPress fittings for copper to PEX hybrid installations
  • All PEX Press fittings are compatible with ViegaPEX, ViegaPEX Ultra, FostaPEX and ViegaPEX Barrier tubing
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