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One of the most significant safety risks in your home is often highly neglected by many Jacksonville homeowners — the dryer vent. David Gray Heating & Air knows the importance of servicing your dryer beyond just cleaning the lint trap. We service all brands of dryers, providing crucial fire and safety protection.

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Why Do I Need Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning?

There are many reasons to have your dryer vents professionally cleaned. Not only does regular maintenance mean longer life for your machine and cleaner air in your home, but our specially trained technicians also have specific tools made to handle the job quickly and efficiently. 

Benefits of professional dryer vent cleaning:

  • Lower electric bills: A clogged dryer vent slows your machine down, inevitably using more energy. The costly result is reflected on your utility bills and, ultimately, your wallet.
  • Fire protection: Did you know an estimated 15,000 homes burn down every year due to lint fires? After each load, simply cleaning the lint trap is not enough — lint can still gather deeper in your dryer duct. Professional tools are designed to extract this unseen lint and better protect your home.
  • More time: Longer drying times mean higher bills and more time you have to spend waiting for your clothes to be ready. David Gray knows your time is precious, so take it back with one simple call. 
  • Fewer repairs: Clogged dryers that run longer are at higher risk of breaking down. Avoid those costly repairs and unnecessary wear and tear with regular duct cleaning by a professional.

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5 Signs Your Dryer Needs Duct Cleaning

Think you have a clogged dryer vent? Watch out for these five signs:

  • Long drying times
  • Clothes not getting fully dry
  • Burning smell 
  • Unusual noises
  • Machine powering down mid-cycle
  • Extra lint appearing around the filter
  • Outside of machine feels hot

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Why Choose David Gray for Vent Cleaning in Jacksonville?

If it’s been a while since your dryer was cleaned or you’ve noticed a clog, you can count on the friendly professionals at David Gray Heating & Air to handle the job. We have proudly served the greater Jacksonville area for over three decades, providing our customers with expert care and reliable repair. Our crews are standing by, ready to answer the call when you need us most.

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