Air conditioning maintenance program

Servicing your HVAC System is like getting an oil change for your car. It should be done by a Certified Technician who will thoroughly inspect, clean and check all controls including pressure sensors and safety components. If you want to extend the life of your AC system, start off with one our Preventative Maintenance Plans from the start. 

David Gray Comfort Club

Our Preventative Membership Plans are wrapped up in different levels of comfort. The David Gray Comfort Club offers different club memberships, with multiple options for your whole home needs Jacksonville, and St Johns County areas. With many homes requiring various levels of preventative maintenance needs, we have restructured our program for the Jacksonville and St. Johns County areas. Not only are you covered for your heating and cooling needs; more membership options are available to include electrical and plumbing safety checks.

Membership Plans vary and offer perks such as:

  • Priority Service
  • No Overtime Charges
  • No Dispatch Fee
  • Electrical System Checks
  • Plumbing System Checks
  • ...and more

Comfort Club Membership Plans

Start your day the David Gray way with your home wrapped in comfort. Click here to learn more about the David Gray Comfort Club and the many options available. If you'd like more detailed information about your specific needs, feel free to fill out the form below, so one of our representatives can go over all the many options available on each of our plans:


Things to Know

➢ This is a monthly membership plan
➢ If your unit stopped working, please let us know.
➢ Appointments do not include service repairs or installing parts
➢ Replacements or repairs may be suggested for your unit

➢ This plan is currently available in the Jacksonville, and St. Johns County areas.

Additional Options

Additional options are available to add onto your David Gray Comfort Club plan.

Additional AC Systems: The above Comfort Club plans cover one AC system in your home. If you have additional units, you will need to purchase the appropriate package below:

'HVAC Gray Elite | Whole Home = Additional System' will cover any additional systems in your home if you have an active HVAC Gray Elite or Whole Home VIP Plan membership.

'HVAC Basic - Additional System' will cover any additional systems in your home if you have an active HVAC Basic membership plan.

IE: If your home has 3 AC systems, you will need to purchase '2' under the 'HVAC Gray Elite | Whole Home = Additional System' package. 

Special Note: Additional systems will only be covered under an active Comfort Club membership. This is a monthly membership. AC systems must be in working condition before starting this plan. Additional systems purchased must be in the same home to be on the same plan purchased. This plan is currently available in the Jacksonville, and St Johns County areas. This is neither an insurance plan, nor covers service repairs. If the incorrect option is ordered, we will contact you to correct the billing for you.


Generac Preventative Maintenance

Annual Generator Tune-Up & Safety Check

  • Includes: 10% Discount on Generator Repairs 
  • Cost: $29/Month
  • Note: Tune up performed during month 12 of your plan

Details on this additional maintenance plan:

Click here to read more about what this program is and why it's important to use a Certified Technician every time your Generac Generator is serviced. 

If you have questions regarding Generac Preventative Maintenance, or any of our other membership plans, feel free to contact us! We will be happy to assist you in choosing which plan is right for you.




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