Air Conditioning Services in Palm Coast, FL

Air Conditioning Services in Palm Coast, FL

Keeping cool in Florida is always challenging, but it can be more manageable with a well-functioning air conditioner. If your system fails to cool your rooms or makes odd sounds, turn to David Gray for help.

Repair, maintenance, and installation are all possible solutions for AC system problems. Our team will diagnose the issues with your AC and provide the services you need to stay cool all year long.

For professional AC services in Palm Coast, FL, look no further than David Gray. Call us at (904) 467-0784 or contact us online to get started.

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AC Installation & Replacement

Sometimes a simple repair isn’t enough to resolve cooling problems. If you need a new AC unit, we’re here to help. Our team will:

  • Visit your property and inspect your air conditioner
  • Determine if repair or replacement is the better option
  • Schedule a date for system replacement
  • Return to your property to perform a single-day AC replacement
  • Ensure that your new system runs perfectly

When you need a brand-new, energy-efficient air conditioner, rely on David Gray to handle the job. Schedule installation today by calling (904) 467-0784 or contacting us online.

Air Conditioning Repair

Fixing your AC system can be a breeze with the right team. Trust David Gray to uncover and resolve any air conditioner issues. We have professional tools and years of experience solving all AC issues. Whatever is wrong with your system, we’ll find it and fix it fast.

For professional AC repair in Palm Coast, FL, count on David Gray. Contact David Gray online or call (904) 467-0784 now to schedule service.

Signs You Need AC Repair

Air conditioners can show signs of wear and tear at any time. You may need AC repair services if:

  • Your unit smokes or sparks while running: Smoke and sparks should never come from any major appliance.
  • Your AC emits a burning smell when it’s on: Collections of dust can light on fire inside an old AC unit.
  • Your unit doesn’t cool every room evenly: Older AC systems may not have the power to cool every room evenly.
  • Your energy bills are through the roof: A failing air conditioner will struggle to operate and use more electricity.

Don’t ignore problems with your air conditioner when David Gray can resolve them. Contact us online or call (904) 467-0784 to schedule AC repairs in Palm Coast.

AC Maintenance Services

Maintaining an air conditioner is vital to running it for years. David Gray offers comprehensive maintenance services. Our team can:

  • Replace your air filters
  • Clean your condenser coils
  • Wash your outdoor unit
  • Refill your refrigerant
  • Test your cooling levels
  • Clean your blower motor
  • And more!

Ensure that your AC unit is ready for the next big heat wave. Schedule AC maintenance services by calling (904) 467-0784 or reaching out online.

Choose David Gray in Palm Coast

Since 1983, David Gray has been resolving HVAC problems throughout the Palm Coast region. Our technicians are licensed and insured, knowing all there is to know about their work. Our upfront pricing and free estimates give you peace of mind about what you’ll pay.

Trust your HVAC system to the region’s best technicians. Schedule air conditioner services in Palm Coast by calling (904) 467-0784.


How long should an air conditioner last?

Most AC units last 10 to 15 years, possibly longer if maintained well. The constant operation of the unit and the salty air of our region can wear them out earlier, however.

Will a new air conditioner lower my utility bills?

You’ll likely save money with a new AC unit. Today’s modern units work more efficiently and will operate better than any used model ever could.

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