Service Upgrades

Service Upgrades

Most homeowners choose to have an electrical service update done to accommodate several additions to the home that require more power. Older homes and electrical systems are not well-equipped to deal with the lifestyle that most people live in a modern home, which includes the near constant use of electricity. The average home contains appliances, heating and cooling systems, lighting, computers, entertainment systems and small electronics. A home built for life fifty or one hundred years ago was not wired to accommodate this much electricity and can become overloaded by the demand.

To solve this issue, our experienced electricians in Jacksonville can upgrade your electrical service to 200 amps or even more, depending on your needs and the size of your home. This process involves installing a new cable to accommodate more amperage, connecting the cable to your home's electrical system and ensuring that the new service works properly. Only a qualified, licensed and experienced electrician, like those from David Gray Electrical Services, should perform this service on your home.  

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Signs That Your Electrical System is Overloaded or Needs Upgrades

The signs of an overloaded electrical system can include:

  • Reduced amperage in some parts of the home
  • Overloaded electrical system that causes breaker to flip
  • Sizzling, crackling and popping sounds inside the panel or meter can 
  • Deterioration of main service wire from the meter can to the service panel


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