Generac Preventative Maintenance

Generac Preventative Maintenance

Protect Your Warranty

Just like with a car or lawn mower, failure to complete regular maintenance can void your warranty. Doing what you can to ensure your unit works properly will give you peace of mind knowing it will work when it’s supposed to. Lack of maintenance shortens the lifespan of your generator, and no one wants that. 

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Generac Preventative Maintenance Plan

Annual Generator Tune-Up & Safety Check

Doing what you can to ensure your unit works properly will give you peace of mind knowing it will work when it’s supposed to. You’ll be protecting your investment with genuine Generac parts. While most Generac Generators require maintenance at least once per year, read more to see what tasks are performed for your preventative maintenance plan available in the Jacksonville, and St. Johns County areas:

Tasks Performed

  • Inspect Generator Control Panel
  • Inspect Fuel Lines, Fuel level & Connections
  • Inspect Oil Level & Condition
  • Inspect Leaks, Air Inlets & Clear Debris
  • Inspect Accessory Drive Belts, Hoses & Clamps
  • Check Wiring for Loose Connections, Corrosion & Damage
  • Clean & Tighten Battery Terminals
  • Check Battery Charge State & Cranking Voltage
  • Clean Exterior & Interior of Generator
  • Inspect Dead Front & Cover
  • Remove Dust. Debris & Grease
  • Inspect Fuses, Relays & Breakers
  • Change Engine Oil with Synthetic
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Replace Air Filter, if needed
  • Replace Spark Plugs
  • Transfer Power (If ATS Accessible) for 10 minutes

Things to Know

  • This is a monthly membership plan
  • Our Generac Certified Technicians will clean, inspect and do the above tasks your unit one time each year only.
  • If your unit stopped working, a separate service call needs to be scheduled.
  • This appointment does not include repairing or installing parts.
  • Replacements or repairs may be suggested for your unit.
  • Normal wear and tear, negligence, or lack of proper maintenance on units are not covered under the preventative maintenance plan
  • Tune-up is performed during month 12 of your plan
  • This program is currently available for homeowners in the Jacksonville, and St Johns County areas.

As part of this plan, you are eligible for 10% off:

  • Electrical Service Diagnostics and Repairs.
  • These services must be scheduled separately from your Preventative Maintenance Tune-Up/Cleaning appointment.

Additional Options

David Gray Comfort Club

Keep your home's systems running smoothly throughout the year with a David Gray Comfort Club Membership. You get service discounts, priority service, and equipment discounts with our plan. 

Learn More: Click here to learn how to have peace of mind for your whole home.

  • Ready to purchase? Click here to purchase the David Gray Comfort Club and start saving today!
  • Additional AC Systems: The David Comfort Club plan covers one AC system in your home. If you have additional units, you will need to purchase the appropriate package below:

Special Note: Additional systems will only be covered under an active Comfort Club membership. This is a monthly membership. AC systems must be in working condition before starting this plan. Additional systems purchased must be in the same home to be on the same plan purchased. This is neither an insurance plan, nor covers service repairs. If the incorrect option is ordered, we will contact you to correct the billing for you.


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