Jacksonville Ductwork Installation and Repair

Ductwork is paramount to a healthy, functioning HVAC system. Ignoring duct issues or having a duct system improperly installed can lead to higher utility costs, lower HVAC lifespan, and poor air quality. Our expert technicians are available to replace, repair and install your ductwork.

Do You Need Ductwork Repair or Replacement?

You’ll need a trained, experienced professional to install new ductwork in your home or office. But, how do you know if your existing ductwork needs repairs or a total replacement? Here are some signs your ducts might not be functioning at their highest potential:

  • You’ve got hot and cold spots in your home or office
  • Your fan runs all day without stopping
  • Your attic or the space underneath your home is warmer or colder than the outside temperature
  • There are visible signs of cracking, misalignment or damage on your ductwork
  • Your utility costs are uncharacteristically expensive
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Was Your HVAC System Installed Before 2000?

Duct installation standards used to be haphazard and inconsistent prior to 2000. If your HVAC was installed in the 1990s and your ductwork hasn’t been assessed since, it’s time to call David Gray Heating & Air. Our practiced technicians can determine the best way to improve your existing ductwork and make any necessary duct repairs or replacements.

Why You Should Care About Ductwork

It’s important to choose wisely when it comes to duct repair and installation. There are many points of access to ducts including walls, ceilings, the attic, and sometimes the floors. A technician that doesn’t understand the best way to connect the tubing can cost you in the long run. Poorly installed ductwork can cause the following issues:

  • Leaky air
  • Increased utility costs
  • High dust and moisture in the air
  • Inconsistent temperature throughout the house
  • Lowered air quality
  • Reduced HVAC lifespan

Avoid these headaches and get the job done right with David Gray Heating & Air’s expert technicians. Call David Gray today to improve the quality of your air, increase the efficiency and lifespan of your HVAC, and save money on your utility bills.

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