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Renovating your bathroom is an exciting opportunity to add a whole new level of luxury and style to your home. You may be eager to see how a new vanity countertop, light fixtures, and shower tiling can change your bathroom’s appearance, but don’t underestimate the impact of high-quality plumbing work.

David Gray Plumbing is here to help. Whether you want to install a new shower enclosure, add a second sink, or replace the toilet, we can get the job done. Our team has nearly 40 years of experience providing plumbing remodeling services, and we would love to assist with your upcoming project.

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Sink, Tub & Shower Installation

Are you tired of sharing the sink in your master bathroom? This is the perfect chance to add a double vanity or even separate his and hers vanities. We’ll install the sink, along with all the necessary pipes and drain lines if you’re reconfiguring the bathroom layout.

Next, consider the tub and shower. Maybe you want to install a showerhead above your bathtub to increase functionality. You might also choose to replace the shower/tub combo with a classy shower enclosure, perhaps with a free-standing jetted tub next to it. Whatever you envision, our plumbers can make it a reality!

Faucet & Showerhead Installation

Picture a beautiful, modern faucet to go with your vessel-style or undermount sink. Imagine taking a long, hot shower beneath a luxurious rainfall showerhead. David Gray Plumbing can install any faucet or showerhead you desire, including spa equipment and eco-friendly, low-flow fixtures. No matter what you choose, we’ll make sure it suits your needs without compromise.

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Toilet Selection & Installation

As one of the hardest-working plumbing fixtures in your home, the toilet deserves some attention during your bathroom makeover. You have more to consider when buying a new toilet than you might realize, from bowl height and shape to flush type and design style. Consider a high-efficiency toilet (HET), not just to save money on your water bills, but to enjoy several optional futuristic features. Heated seats, slamless lids, and “smart” options can help you make the most of your toilet upgrade.

For help selecting and installing a toilet in your Jacksonville, FL home, please give us a call at (904) 724-7211.

Rerouting Pipes & Drain Lines

A key component of any major bathroom remodel, rerouting the plumbing requires the skill and expertise of a licensed plumber. You’ll need this service if you plan to change the bathroom floor plan or add any new plumbing fixtures. The experienced team at David Gray Plumbing can separate your tub and shower, relocate the vanity or toilet, add a second sink, and so much more.

Please contact us today to learn more about our pipe and drain line rerouting services.

Choose David Gray for Bathroom Plumbing Remodeling in Jacksonville, FL

You might choose to complete part of your bathroom renovation project yourself, or you might hire a designer to lend their expertise. Either way, you still need a licensed plumber to perform the services outlined above. Hire David Gray Plumbing, and we’ll make your life a whole lot easier! Our team can handle all your plumbing requirements, from selection and installation to disposal of your old fixtures. We have proudly offered upfront, honest pricing and fast, friendly service to our Jacksonville customers since 1983.

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