Kitchen Plumbing Remodeling & Renovation Services in Jacksonville

Have you decided to remodel your kitchen? Your quality of life is about to improve significantly! What do you envision for your dream kitchen? You may be eager to install new cabinets, countertops, and flooring, but most kitchen renovations include plumbing work as well.

David Gray Plumbing can meet your needs! From updating your faucet and adding a second sink to replacing your dishwasher and rerouting gas lines, we’ll help your kitchen look and function its very best. Our team has nearly 40 years of experience providing plumbing remodeling services, and we would be happy to help your upcoming renovation project go smoothly.

To schedule kitchen plumbing remodeling services in Jacksonville, FL, please contact us online or call us at (904) 724-7211.

Sink & Faucet Installation

Is it time to replace your scratched, stained, or chipped kitchen sink? We can help you select and install a gorgeous farmhouse-style or undermount sink to introduce beauty and functionality to your kitchen. If you currently have a single-drain sink and want to add a second basin, our knowledgeable plumbers are equipped to handle the job. We can even relocate your plumbing and drain lines if you want to change the layout of your kitchen or add a second prep sink.

Whatever your needs, we’ll complement your new kitchen sink with a beautiful, modern faucet. Features such as sprayers, extensions, built-in soap dispensers, and touch capabilities help you make the most of your upgrade.

Dishwasher Installation

Modern dishwashers come with advanced features to make dinner cleanup a breeze. They have similar plumbing requirements as sinks, including needing a hot water supply and drain line. Most dishwashers empty into a pipe they share with the kitchen sink, so these two fixtures should be positioned next to each other. Whether you’re simply replacing your dishwasher or you want to relocate it as part of your kitchen renovation, we’ve got you covered.

For dishwasher installation services in Jacksonville, FL, please give us a call at (904) 724-7211.

Plumbing & Gas Pipe Rerouting

The kitchen layout is the single largest factor in how well the space works for you. Large-scale kitchen renovations often include changing the floor plan to enhance workflow and efficiency. Of course, if you relocate any plumbing fixtures or appliances, you’ll need to reroute your pipes and gas lines. The project may also entail replacing old plumbing to meet current building codes.

Leave the job of rerouting your plumbing and gas pipes to David Gray Plumbing! Contact us today for a free estimate.

Gas Appliance Shutoff Installation

Are you adding natural gas lines to your home as part of your kitchen renovation? Perhaps you’re simply switching out your electric range, oven, or cooktop to a natural gas version. Either way, you need to put in a shutoff valve for safety reasons. If a gas leak or other emergency arises, the shutoff valve allows you to cut off the fuel supply until the problem is fixed. Be aware that homes with natural gas lines should have a main shutoff valve and a valve for each gas appliance.

Reach out to David Gray Plumbing to request gas appliance shutoff installation today.

Call David Gray for Kitchen Plumbing Remodeling & Renovation in Jacksonville, FL

Whether you’re tackling most of your kitchen renovation yourself or planning to hire a designer and builder, you’ll need a licensed plumber to perform the services outlined above. The team at David Gray Plumbing can pull permits when necessary, perform quality installation work, and ensure everything passes inspection before calling it a job well done. We have served the Jacksonville area with upfront, honest pricing and fast, friendly service since 1983.

Call us at (904) 724-7211 or contact us online to request a quote for kitchen plumbing remodeling services.

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