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Nobody wants to deal with clogged toilets, backed-up drains, or foul odors around their property. If you’re experiencing any of the above, David Gray is here to help.

Our licensed and insured plumbers know how to identify sewer line issues quickly. We’ll determine the root cause and provide the repairs or replacements needed to restore your plumbing.

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Sewer Line Repair 

Repairing a sewer line doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. Working with the pros at David Gray, your plumbing issues can be resolved quickly and easily. Our crew knows how to diagnose any sewer line issue and provide a solution that suits your needs.

If you have a chronically clogged toilet or slow shower drain, it could be much more severe than you think — schedule sewer line repair services in Jacksonville, FL, now by calling (904) 467-0784.

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Signs You Need Sewer Line Repairs

Many problems can plague your sewer line, resulting in myriad issues. You may need help from expert plumbers if you notice any of the following issues:

  • Puddling: If water puddles on your lawn, it may be due to a broken sewer line.
  • Strong odors: If you notice a rancid smell around the outside of your property, the sewer line may be leaking.
  • Clogs: If your toilets or drains clog regularly, the sewer line may be seriously clogged.
  • Gurgling: If your drains make a gurgling sound, they are struggling to drain correctly.

Pay attention to the signs of a failing sewer line. Contact David Gray online or call (904) 467-0784 to schedule sewer line repair services at your Jacksonville home.

Sewer Line Replacement Services

Replacing a sewer line is a serious project, but our team ensures it goes as smoothly as possible. David Gray will explore every option for repair before replacing your sewer pipe. If replacement is needed, we’ll schedule the project when it’s convenient for you and use the best tools and materials.

You can count on us for professional service to care for your worst sewer line issues. Schedule sewer line replacement services in Jacksonville by calling (904) 467-0784 or reaching out online.

WHY CHOOSE David Gray?

Why Choose David Gray?

For 40 years, the team at David Gray has been solving sewer line issues throughout the Jacksonville, FL, region. Our plumbers are specially trained to handle a wide range of problems. We provide a free estimate on all our work and work hard to ensure that the job is done right.

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Why does my sewer line need repairs?

Many issues can lead to sewer line problems. Overuse of the drains, a buildup of debris, or tree root infiltration can all cause serious problems with a sewer line.

How long does a sewer line repair take?

The length of time for a sewer line service depends on the severity of the problem. Our technicians can tell on the first visit how long the repair should take and if extra visits will be required.


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