Toilet Repair & Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

Having a toilet in your home malfunction can become a real mess. Even if the repair is simply for a clogged or running toilet, toilet issues require immediate action. From your selection of plumbers in Jacksonville, David Gray Plumbing has what you need when you need it most. Count on our 30 years of Florida service to efficiently diagnose, repair, or install your toilet.

The life span and performance of your plumbing depends on the quality of your plumber. Contact David Gray Plumbing today get your toilet repair, upgrade, or installation off the ground.

Our Jacksonville Toilet Repair Services

A broken toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water a week and really put a dent in your water bill. The most common toilet problems are bad flappers, fill valves, and wax seals that lead to leaks around the toilet base. Whatever issue you are currently facing, the skilled plumbing technicians at David Gray Plumbing can uncover your toilet’s issue in no time. Our technicians undergo continuous specialized training so you can count on top-industry techniques with premium parts and components for the following toilet services:

  • Running toilet repair
  • Clogged toilet repair
  • Leaking toilet repair
  • Toilet flush valve repair
  • Toilet flange repair
  • Toilet flapper repair
  • Toilet gasket replacement

Toilets on the fritz can mean higher utility bills and unhealthy living conditions—don’t delay when you notice issues. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or house call.

Toilet Replacement in Jacksonville, FL

While well-maintained toilets can last indefinitely, the components in the toilet tank have a much shorter life expectancy. A properly functioning toilet isn’t fully appreciated until something goes wrong. Toilets that are in constant need of repair, consistently clog, have porcelain cracks or scratches, or that waste more water than they should, may indicate that it is time for toilet replacement. When it does, David Gray Plumbing is there for our Jacksonville, FL, residents with toilet replacement and installation services that can’t be beat.

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Toilets are an essential part of how well your home functions.  When you need toilet repair or replacement services in Jacksonville, David Gray can save the day. Expert plumbing technicians have delivered our Florida plumbing customers systems they can trust for over three decades. Schedule a toilet plumbing inspection, upgrade, or repair in Jacksonville today by contacting David Gray Plumbing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toilet Repair & Replacement

Why does my toilet constantly run?

The float height needs to be adjusted, the flapper needs to be replaced, or the refill tube needs to be shortened.

Why is my toilet leaking around the base?

Tee bolts are usually to blame for these leaks and need to be tightened. Another reason could be that the wax ring is faulty so the seal between the toilet and the drainpipe is letting water through.

Will switching to a low-water toilet model help me save money?

Low-flow toilets use a mere 1.6 gallons. So, if you’re looking to conserve water and save money, a low-flow toilet is a great idea! (Older toilets, by comparison, use up to seven gallons of water per flush.)

Have more questions about when it’s time to replace your Jacksonville, FL, toilet? Contact the team at David Gray Plumbing today for a consultation or house call!

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