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No Hot Water? Troubleshooting Guide

hot water coming from faucet

Considering hot water is used for a range of tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and bathing, it’s crucial that you always have access to it. If you notice that your water heater isn’t adequately producing hot water, such as in the middle of a shower, diagnosing the cause is critical to finding the best solution; it could be that your hot water capacity is too small for your home. Fortunately, a lack of hot water doesn’t always require the help of a plumber.

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Why Don't I Have Hot Water?

Unfortunately, a lack of hot water can strike when you least expect it, and it can be challenging to pinpoint the exact cause; however, there are some troubleshooting tips and tricks to try out before calling a plumber!

There Could Be a Gas Leak or Pilot Light Issue

Should you have a gas unit, check immediately for a gas leak. Gas leaks can not only result in your unit not properly heating water, but they can also be dangerous! If you notice things like the smell of rotten eggs, there’s likely a gas leak. Close your home’s gas valves and call professionals for assistance.

Additionally, your unit’s pilot light may be malfunctioning. If you don’t notice any marks on the burner, there are a few steps to take for relighting the pilot light that should be labeled somewhere on your unit. If you can’t find this, call an expert!

Loose Electrical Connections Could Be the Culprit

For electric units, your system could be facing loose electrical connections causing it to malfunction. Look at your service panel to see if your circuit breaker tripped, and if this is the case, flip the switch off and back on. Resetting your water heater entirely may also kick it back into gear.

Check for Water Leaks or Puddles by the Unit

Big or small leaks can often result in issues with your water heater. Often, these will be obviously seen as puddling around your unit. If it’s difficult to determine where the leak is coming from, call the professionals at David Gray for expert leak detection and repair!

A Faulty Thermostat Could Be To Blame

A good action to take is to check your thermostat. Your water heater should have a temperature range of 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit; recalibrating your thermostat may do the trick if it doesn’t read as such. If your thermostat is damaged, having it replaced ASAP is crucial.

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