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Air Conditioning Smells: Explained

woman pinching nose

Woman pinching her nose because she smells an unpleasant odor.

At David Gray, we know your air conditioner is central to your home comfort system. It works hard to keep you cool throughout the hot and humid Florida summers. However, when foul smells are coming from your AC unit, it's more than just a minor inconvenience.

From mustiness to vinegar-like odors, AC smells mean it's time to call a technician. David Gray offers comprehensive AC services to handle any issue and smell so that you can enjoy summer from the comfort of your home.

To schedule air conditioning services on Florida's First Coast, call David Gray at (904) 605-8190 today.

Why Does My AC Smell Like Dirty Feet?

The smell of feet or stinky socks usually means a dirty and clogged AC. Debris and dirt can prevent your system from draining properly, and the standing dirty water will eventually begin to smell. In addition, organic particles can collect on your evaporator coils, resulting in bacterial growth. There are a few ways to remedy these issues:

  • Clean your AC system's evaporator coils
  • Use air filters with a MERV rating of 8 to 12 to allow for greater air purification
  • Change your filters often to keep them clean and maximize airflow

Why Does My AC Smell Musty?

If you notice musty smells coming from your system, this is a sign that bacteria is growing. Buildup can form in the dark and humid areas of your AC unit, like the drain, evaporator coil, or drip pan.

The stronger the smell, the greater the chance that excess moisture has caused mold growth, which can then be spread throughout your home, contaminating the air you and your family breathe.

There are a few ways to potentially eliminate these smells of mildew and the growth of dangerous mold spores:

  • Replace an old or damaged drip pan that isn't draining
  • Thaw frozen evaporator coils and replace air filters to allow for unobstructed airflow
  • Clean and remove mold from your AC and ducts and determine if there has been a drainage leak
  • Remove blocks from condensate lines that cause buildup in your drip pan

Why Does My AC Smell Like Vinegar?

Vinegar smells are typically caused by the ozone produced by electric air cleaners or fan motors, which can negatively affect indoor air quality. Other issues could be a defective filter, mold in your ducts, condensation in your coils, or standing water in your condensate pan. To fix these issues, try these steps:

  • Lower the setting on your electric air cleaner to reduce ozone production
  • Use cleaning products made for AC units that have enzymes to remove common air conditioner odors

Hire David Gray for AC Services

If your air conditioner smells and you need outstanding service, call on the professionals at David Gray. We'll pinpoint the source of the odor and provide an effective solution.

Our family-owned HVAC company provides fast and friendly service from highly rated technicians, and with our upfront and honest pricing, we're sure to keep you on budget. Since 1983, we've helped the residents of Florida's First Coast with all their air conditioning needs!

Can't figure out why your air conditioner smells? Call our team of experts at (904) 605-8190 now to request AC services in Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and the surrounding areas.