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How To Maximize Savings With Heat Pump Maintenance


Having a heating and cooling system is the most efficient way to keep your home at your preferred temperature throughout the year. However, a poorly maintained heat pump can lead to an abnormal increase in your energy bills making it unsustainable.

Performing routine service and adhering to a strict maintenance schedule can improve your heat pump’s efficiency and save you a lot of money on your energy bills. Read on to find out how to maximize savings with proper heat pump maintenance.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

The traditional mercury thermostats are usually inaccurate and tend to consume a lot of energy. If you are looking for ways of saving money, then upgrading to a programmable thermostat is the best option for you. A programmable thermostat is useful for people who are always away from home during a given number of days throughout the week.

A programmable thermostat allows you to monitor your home temperature even from the comfort of your work desk and it can save you up to $200 annually in energy costs. You have to choose the right thermostat if you want to maximize on savings. Think about your schedule before settling on the model.

How many days of the week are you away from home attending school, work or other activities? You can choose the 7-day model or the 5+2 days model or the 5+1+1 day model depending on your schedule.

Lean Your heat Pump’s Heat Exchanger

Consider cleaning your heat pump’s heat exchanger periodically if it is an open loop. An open loop system uses well water which contains contaminants contrary to a closed loop system.

The various contaminants in the well water build up a layer of scale on your heat exchanger over time which reduces heat transfer leading to increased electricity consumption. Occasional cleaning of your heat exchanger will help in keeping the system clear of debris and other organic matter.

Check Your Outdoor Unit

Maintaining your outdoor unit is also an excellent way of cutting down the energy consumption of your heat pump. Call in a technician to check all the wiring connections to ensure that they are tight. He/she should also remove all the debris from the unit.

The fan cage and the fasteners should also be removed and the internal vacuum cleared of any other debris. Spray the outdoor unit using a garden hose to get rid of any grass clippings, dirt, and organic matter. Avoid using a pressure washer since it may cause the coil fins to bend.

Change the Air Filters

Your heat pump's air filters will collect so much dirt and debris over time making it underperform. The primary function of the air filter is to clean the air coming into the heat pump through the removal of airborne debris, pet hair, and dander.

Failing to keep the air filter clan reduces airflow to the pump which increases its energy consumption while lowering its efficiency. This can also result in a damaged heat pump compressor. You need to change your air filter at least once after every six months to optimize energy consumption.

Check Your Indoor Unit

Some of the recommended indoor unit maintenance activities include cleaning of the blower wheel which can easily be accessed removing the front panel of the unit. You should clean the wheel with a garden hose and a nozzle. If you are still using the mercury thermostat, check to make sure that its level isn't off the center.

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