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Inspect Plumbing Features Before Buying a Home


Homebuying is an exciting process, but it's important to know exactly what you are getting into before signing on the dotted line. Plumbing repairs and new fixtures can quickly add up, especially if they are needed shortly after move-in. Check out this comprehensive list to know what plumbing features to inspect before buying a home.

Water Heater

Especially when purchasing an older home, the water heater should be one of the first things you check. Typically, these only last for 10-15 years, so if the current one is nearing that age, be prepared to replace it within the next few years. To determine the age of the heater, check its model and serial numbers. A licensed plumber can help you determine the age based off that information.

Even in newer homes, be sure to inspect the water heater for any leaks, unusual noises when it turns on, or rust anywhere on or around the tank.

Water Supply Pipes and Toilets

Older homes are easily identifiable by the type of pipes they have. Galvanized steel, lead and polybutylene are all materials that were common years ago but are no longer used in modern plumbing. If an old house has copper or plastic piping, it's safe to assume the original pipes have been replaced more recently. If a home has its original pipes, be prepared for potential immediate repairs or replacements.

Working toilets are non-negotiable, so be on the lookout for any issues with these fixtures. Check for any leaks or poor drainage, because both can lead to expensive repairs. Also, be sure to flush each toilet when you walk through the home to make sure all the water drains and there are no apparent clogs.

Main Sewer Line

Checking this feature requires a plumber's assistance, but it surely isn't one to skip. Sewer repairs can cost thousands of dollars, so avoid any future headaches by having a plumber conduct a video line inspection. This will show if there are tree roots growing into the main drain or if there is collapsed concrete along the line. Any issues of this sort should be presented to the seller so you can ask for repairs or a cost reduction before the purchase is finalized.

Choosing your forever home can be overwhelming, but with the help of the David Gray team, finding a home that has solid plumbing doesn't have to be. For preventative maintenance, inspections and more, call us at (904) 724-7211 for help.

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