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What does an electrical inspection entail?


If you are building a brand new home, or making major changes to an existing home, an electrical inspection may be required before work can be completed. An electrical inspector will come over to ensure that all wiring and electric work within the home has been done safely and up to standard. He or she will check to make sure the proper permits have been pulled, and the electrician is licensed to work. During the inspection, the electrical inspector will check the fuse box to make sure it is mounted properly to the wall and is sized properly for the amount of electricity in the home. He or she will check the wiring to make sure any new wires are anchored to the wall properly, with the mandated amount of staples and protection to ensure the wires do not present an electrical fire hazard. The inspector will also measure the height of each electrical outlet and switch to make sure they are the same.  If everything is found to be done to code specifications, the inspector will sign off. If there are issues, the inspector will itemize them so they can be addressed. Once the issues are fixed, another inspection can be done.