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5 Reasons Not to Stall on Upgrading Your Air Conditioning


It's easy to take the AC system in your home or business for granted if it seems to be working okay. The phrase "out of sight, out of mind" is applicable, and you might not see any reason to upgrade the equipment.

However, when you look at your monthly utility bills, you may see some figures that will jolt you to attention. If your system is old, not functioning properly or hasn't been inspected in quite a while, an upgrade may be the best course of action.

If you've been stalling on upgrading your air conditioning system, we at David Gray Heating & Air want to offer five reasons that will show you why now may be the best time to go ahead and arrange for professionals to come and do the upgrade as soon as possible.

1. Benefit from Rebates and Discounts

A number of rebates and discounts are available to homeowners and business owners. The government often offers special rebates to encourage people to buy and use more energy-efficient HVAC systems.

AC manufacturers also will provide rebates to boost sales and move inventory. Contact one of the friendly team members at David Gray Heating & Air for details on the latest rebates that are available in your area.  Utility Companies offer rebates, as well.  See the website for information on rebates and tax credits in the Jacksonville area.

2. Your AC Unit is Using R-22 Refrigerant

Freon, also known as R-22, is a refrigerant that is having production cut 90% by 2015 in new AC systems. R-22 depletes ozone and the government has mandated that AC systems must now use newer, environmentally friendly refrigerants.

You will need to upgrade your system to use the newer refrigerants, but you should also expect to see significant cost savings with new, efficient equipment when you look at your utility bills.

3. The AC System Requires Repairs

Has your AC system been making strange sounds, performing poorly or not even working at all? In many cases, the repair costs may be quite high, especially if you need to replace the evaporator or compressor. It often makes better economic sense to upgrade the system in such cases, rather than doing an expensive repair job.

4. Your Residence or Business is Uncomfortable

If your home or residence has become uncomfortable during the hot months of summer, you may not have noticed it initially because the performance degraded slowly.

However, there is no need for you and your family or fellow workers to put up with a warm and humid environment. Technicians from David Gray Heating & Air will be happy to come out, check your equipment, and compare the cost of upgrading versus repairing the system.

5. The AC System Is Old and Out of Date

If you cannot even remember when you had your AC system installed, it is likely outdated. Modern AC systems are much more efficient, with improvements in the technology becoming significant over just the last ten years.

The Environmental Protection Agency explains that when you have an AC system that is more than 10 years old, you can reduce the costs of cooling your home or business by as much as 40 percent when you use an approved Energy Star unit. AC units branded with the Energy Star logo are certified by the government to operate much more efficiently, and they are designed to both save you money on your utility bills and protect the environment.

Homeowners and business owners in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area know that they can rely on the expertise and knowledge of the talented professionals at David Gray Heating & Air. If you have any questions or concerns about upgrading your air conditioning unit, we want to encourage you to contact us at David Gray at your earliest convenience.