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Can High Humidity Levels Produce Mold?


One of the more annoying aspects of summer weather is when the humidity level rises. The more moisture there is in the air, the more uncomfortable people can feel. In fact, people trying to make the best of the situation often say, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity" as they hope for drier weather.

When we say it is humid, we mean that there is an increase in the amount of water vapor in the air. There is so much vapor, it is hard for our perspiration to evaporate and keep us cool.

You may have been wondering whether high humidity levels will produce microbial growth. The short answer is yes, as microbial growth will thrive under humid conditions, benefiting from easily available moisture.

Sensitive individuals may start coughing or sneezing more when humidity is high, as well as experience itching sensations because of an allergic reaction to dust mites or microbial growth that thrive in humid conditions.

Fortunately, if you have a properly functioning heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system in place at your job or home, you can make the building more comfortable and curb the humidity to a more comfortable level. This is why so many people living in the Jacksonville, Florida area and beyond have come to rely on the experts at David Gray Heating & Air.

Dangers of Mold

When humidity levels are allowed to remain high in a building, microbial growth can thrive off of the excess moisture. Exposure to microbial growth can cause people to experience health issues including asthma, allergies and other respiratory problems.

Run Your AC System to Bring Down Humidity Levels

Running your air conditioning will lower humidity as it cools down each room in your home or place of work. It's also a good idea to improve ventilation, especially in areas that already see higher levels of moisture, such as the bathroom after a shower.

Make sure that the ventilation fan sends exhaust outside to remove as much moisture as possible from the building. The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air will be happy to consult with you to determine the best equipment to get for your particular needs.

Your HVAC system may be functioning optimally, but if the contractor who did the installation didn't size the system properly, it may not be able to properly remove humidity. A system that is too big for your home can lead to poor airflow-when it comes to air conditioning, bigger is not always better.

Are You Ready for Summer?

Prudent homeowners and business owners know how important it is to arrange for regular inspections and maintenance of their HVAC system. A qualified technician needs to check out the equipment and make sure it is clean and running properly.

Failure to perform regular maintenance and checks can result in the system running less efficiently. This is particularly a problem during the summer when people are relying on their AC to help them feel more comfortable during periods of high humidity.

Many people use reusable or disposable filters along with their HVAC system to keep the air as clean as possible. If you use filters, remember to change or clean them on a regular basis to

At David Gray Heating & Air, our professionally trained technicians have years of experience helping business owners and homeowners with all their HVAC needs.

If you need to reduce humidity levels in the summer or are having any other issues with your air conditioning system and would like to set up an appointment for service, please feel free to contact us today at