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What are Signs That You Require a Meter Reading?


The devices that we have come to rely on to provide us convenience, comfort and safety often perform their work silently. Business owners and homeowners alike tend to assume that as long as a machine seems to be doing its job, there is no reason to be concerned about it continuing to function in the background.

After your heating, ventilation and air conditioning system has been installed and you understand how to control it with the thermostat, it's easy to take it for granted as long as it continues to keep you cool during the summer and cozy during the winter. It's normal to consider that your HVAC equipment will continue to function reliably. However, you may find that there is a problem because of clues found in your monthly utility bills.

In fact, elevated gas or electric bills that defy explanation are signs that you require a meter reading. You can have a technician from the utility come to your premises to verify that it is working properly.

If it turns out that there was nothing wrong with the meter, you have the evidence to support the idea that there is something wrong with your HVAC equipment. It may be a relatively simple matter of you needing to clean the filter, or you may need to have a technician come to inspect the heating and AC system.

Keep Your Filters Clean

How long has it been since you examined the filter for your HVAC system? Whether you are the owner of a bustling business or are a busy homeowner balancing the needs of work, family and other duties, it's important to set aside a little time to check the filter for your equipment.

Add an event to your calendar to help remind you to clean the permanent filter or replace a disposable filter for your HVAC system according to the timetable established by their manufacturer. Keeping filters clean will ensure that your cooling and heating equipment won't have to struggle to do its task of keeping you and your family or employees comfortable and safe from the elements.

Other Possible Reasons for High Electric Bills

While the problem is sometimes easily solved by cleaning a dirty filter, other times it is a slightly more complex reason that is easily identified by a professional HVAC technician. One common reason for your high bill: dirty condenser coils. When dirty, these condenser coils force your AC's compressor to work harder and pull more energy in order to keep cooling your home properly. Of course, with more energy use comes a much higher energy bill.

If your high electric bill is accompanied by your AC not cooling properly, it could be that the heat component of your HVAC unit is kicking on at the same time as your air conditioner. An HVAC professional will be able to identify and remedy this problem by thoroughly examining your equipment.

Arrange for Periodic Maintenance to Avoid Costly Repairs

While you're setting up a reminder in your calendar for filters, it would be a good idea to pencil in a note to sign up for regular cleaning, inspections and maintenance of your HVAC system.

A trained professional will come to you and go over all aspects of the equipment to determine what might be malfunctioning or otherwise performing at substandard levels. Doing so as early as possible will help ensure that the technician can figure out what is wrong before it becomes an expensive repair job or even requires outright equipment replacement.

At David Gray Heating & Air, our expert technicians are dedicated to installing, cleaning, maintaining and repairing heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems for residents and business owners in the Jacksonville, Florida area and surrounding regions. If your utility bills have been growing higher lately and you don't have a reasonable explanation, it's a good sign that something is going wrong with your HVAC system that you will want to have professionals take a look at as soon as possible. For more information or to schedule an appointment for service, please contact the professionals at David Gray Heating & Air today.