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Dispelling popular myths about air conditioning


As a busy homeowner, you may have limited time to do research to answer nagging questions about your air conditioning system. In the absence of cold, hard facts, however, it is easy for misguided ideas to take root in people's minds and eventually turn into popular myths.

For example, have you ever caught a cold during the summer and blamed it on the fact that you were constantly running indoors and outside, switching from hot and humid air to cool and comfortable air inside the building? Has a friend or neighbor convinced you that fans would use less energy? Or, perhaps you have been laboring under the misconception that you can save money on utility bills by frequently turning your air conditioning on and off…

At David Gray Heating & Air, we've heard many people ask us about popular myths about air conditioning, and we're here to set the record straight.

Fans Use Less Energy

Fans do not cool down your home like an air conditioning system can. What you use fans for is to cool down your body. If you're too warm, the fan will make you feel better because the moving air helps you cool down while perspiring.

To keep the home nice and cool, you need actual air conditioning equipment. The latest models are much more energy efficient than those from even 10 years ago. Consult with a professional AC technician to get the latest details on getting environmentally friendlier HVAC equipment.

Air Conditioning Causes Colds and Congestion in the Summer

The common cold is caused by a virus. You will not catch a cold or get congested because you are moving from the hot environment outside to the cool and comfortable environment of an air-conditioned building.

To avoid colds, it's best to get plenty of rest and eat properly, and to frequently wash your hands before touching your eyes or nose or before mealtimes to keep the cold germs at bay.

Turning Air Conditioning Off and On Frequently Saves Money

You don't want to become the supervisor of your air conditioning unit, trying to figure out the best time to shut it off and when to turn it back on. That is what thermostats were invented for.

There are two issues to consider here: sizing and control. First, your air conditioner needs to be properly sized for your home. If the technician who installed your AC system put in equipment that is too small, the house will not likely every get completely comfortable, and the system will run more than it needs to, just trying to keep up with the heat. On the other hand, if the AC equipment is too big for the house, it will cycle on and off more often. Your home will definitely be cool for a while, but the rapid cycling won't reduce humidity levels sufficiently, leaving you and your family needlessly uncomfortable.

Regarding control: If your HVAC system's thermostat is too simple, just letting you turn it up and down, it's time to consider having a smart thermostat installed in its place. A smart thermostat lets you program different schedules, such as waiting to cool the house down about an hour before people arrive home from school or work. Wi-Fi capable thermostats connect to the Internet and let you control your home's HVAC equipment while you're on the go.

The professionally trained technicians at David Gray Heating & Air are devoted to helping business owners and homeowners in the greater Jacksonville, FL area and beyond with all their air conditioning needs. If you are wondering how you can make your AC system run more efficiently and save money on energy bills, you should know that regular inspections, cleaning and maintenance will keep the equipment running longer. For details, or to schedule an appointment, please contact the experts at David Gray Heating & Air today.