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The Importance of Preventative HVAC Maintenance


Just like a car, a house requires regular checkups and maintenance. This includes the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, which keeps your house running similar to oil in an engine. HVAC systems are especially important in Florida when the air conditioning is used almost all year. Preventative maintenance is the best way to make sure your HVAC system stays up and running for whenever you need it.

Increase HVAC Efficiency

There are many ways preventative maintenance can help your HVAC system run better and save money. A clean system will run more efficiently, which will lower utility bills. A more efficient system also improves the air quality in your home which helps prevent mold and bacteria growth.

Increase System Longevity

An efficient HVAC system will also add longevity to your unit. A good HVAC unit that is properly maintained can last you about 10 years. This saves you the cost of having a new unit installed every few years.

Fewer HVAC Repairs

A well-maintained system also requires fewer repairs. In Florida, air conditioning is used almost constantly from March to October. A system that is regularly maintained shouldn't break down during the busiest time of the year and you won't have to make any emergency calls on a Saturday when your air conditioning dies in the middle of summer.

When you sign up with David Gray Heating & Air's yearly preventative maintenance program, you will not only benefit from lower energy bills and longer equipment life, but also preferred treatment, no overtime charges, a 10 percent discount on repairs and indoor air quality products, and most importantly, service you can trust.

For more information on our preventative maintenance program call (904) 605-8190.