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How costly are home heating wars?


It seems that men and women have been disagreeing about how hot they should set the thermostat to control their heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems ever since the invention of HVAC technology.

The cliché is that women typically want it to be warmer and men would prefer it to be colder. Whether the issue has to do with differences in biology or temperament or even an attitude toward budgeting for fuel costs, the arguments continue. Of course, we believe that it's always best if men and women can reach a compromise regarding the temperature of their dwelling. In the meantime, you may be wondering how much these heating wars can cost you.

It turns out that if women get their way and can set the temperature higher, the bill will wind up being about $656 higher on average, according to the results of a new energy usage survey recently published in the British newspaper the Mirror.

The study revealed that women prefer the home to be kept at about 75 degrees Fahrenheit, while men feel more comfortable when the temperature is set to about 66 F. It turns out that for every extra degree you set your thermostat, the price to heat your home rises by about $131 per year in a typical three-bedroom home. Keeping the home at 75 F would cost about $1,034, while keeping it at 66 F would cost about $416, noted the study.

If you have been dealing with these issues in your home, here are some ideas to help you reach a compromise:

Set up Different Zones for Your HVAC Settings

HVAC zone systems enable you to designate specific regions in your home where you want the temperature to be the same. For example, you could set the parents' master bedroom and downstairs office to be at a higher temperature, while the living room is cooler, and so on.

Sweaters and Other Comfy Clothing for Women

Women who are suffering from the cold can consider wearing thick sweaters during the winter. If you're home for the evening, you can slip on some comfy slippers to help keep you even warmer.

Lighter Clothing for Men

Men who find it too warm in their home after the women have turned up the thermostat can compromise by donning lighter apparel. A thinner shirt and less heavy pants will help keep you more comfortable when the furnace is working harder to keep the females nice and cozy.

Electric Blanket for the Bed

In the bedroom, where you cannot have two separate HVAC zones for different temperatures, it is wise to consider using an electric blanket on the side of the bed where the woman sleeps. The men may feel a bit of residual heat, but it should be much more comfortable than enduring a room that feels overheated to them.

Space Heater

A woman who is content to simply warm up the immediate space she is in will want to think of using a space heater. These are portable and are a snap to use. You can set one up near your desk when working in the home office, for example, or put one near you when watching TV.

David Gray Heating & Air's expertly trained HVAC professionals are familiar with the disputes that sometimes arise in families about how warm they should keep their home during the winter. If you have been getting into disagreements about the temperature settings, you may want to consider setting up an HVAC zone system so you can vary how warm it is in different parts of your home. To arrange for a free consultation or to set up a call to work on your HVAC system, please feel free to contact David Gray Heating & Air today.