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Government and industry have a vested interest in setting up incentives for people to purchase the most energy-efficient heating, ventilation and cooling systems. At the federal level, we've established standards to improve how HVAC systems operate so they will use less energy and reduce our collective carbon footprint.

Local utilities often offer homeowners a rebate program but many individuals fail to take them up on the offer. That's unfortunate, because rebates offered when replacing your old heat pump or air conditioning system can range as high as hundreds of dollars.

Individual companies sometimes set up their own rebate programs to move more energy-saving units as well. With that in mind, it's useful to familiarize yourself with the rebates and tax credits that are available when purchasing new units. For the latest information, speak with one of the experts at David Gray Heating & Air, as we stay up to date on all the latest rebate and tax credit offerings.

Beaches Energy Services

Homeowners living in areas served by Beaches Energy Services should know that they are now offering a rebate program when you make specific home improvements designed to save on power usage. You'll not only conserve energy and lower your bills, but will also be doing your part to safeguard the environment.

Clay Electric Cooperative

People in Clay County are the beneficiaries of some of the most generous rebate programs available in Florida, with assistance for people making investments in heat pumps and insulation. Before making a commitment to purchase a new HVAC system in Clay County, check on the most current rebate programs. You may find that these incentives will enable you to afford better air conditioning equipment than you previously imagined.

Florida Power and Light

Business customers of Florida Power and Light can get their share of incentives, which are available when you install, replace or make an upgrade to your current HVAC system, with certain applicable conditions that you'll need to check out before making your final decision. Power customers should give a close look at the Direct-Expansion or DX Air Conditioning program offered by FPL to see if it will make a difference in what air conditioning upgrade they decide to go with.

Florida Public Utilities

People living in Nassau County are also eligible for rebates. Florida Public Utilities offers cash back at certain times during the year when you replace or install a new high-efficiency heat pump or a new air conditioning system at your home. For more details, consult the FPU's Residential Rebates program before you settle on what new system to get. This ensures you'll receive the best return on investment.


Homeowners within the Jacksonville Electric Authority can sign up for an amazing rebate program, ShopSmart. The authority promotes limited time offers of rebates when you replace an old HVAC system at your home. Be advised that certain conditions will apply, chief among them being your hiring of a pre-qualified contractor such as those at David Gray Heating & Air to take care of the installation. More details are available through the JEA website.

Tax Credits

Our federal government seeks to encourage homeowners to get rid of older, inefficient HVAC equipment so our nation can become more energy independent and cut down on pollution generated by power plants. To that end, homeowners can apply for a tax credit program providing as much as 30% of the cost to install specific systems (and there is no restriction on how much any of these eligible systems cost).

This is a tightly regulated program with a number of limitations that you should familiarize yourself before making a decision. The government's Energy Star website provides all the details. David Gray Heating & Air's team of professionals will be happy to guide you through the particulars if you have any questions or concerns.

The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air stay on top of developments in government and industry to make sure that we know about the latest in rebates and tax credits for homeowners installing new HVAC equipment. We serve as a one-stop shop for people in the greater Jacksonville, Florida area seeking information on reducing the cost of their HVAC investment. For more information on obtaining credits or rebates and consultation on the best choice of equipment for your home, please contact David Gray Heating & Air today, their friendly experts will be willing to assist you.