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Time for a Pre-Summer Air Conditioner Check


The mercury in local thermometers is about to skyrocket! Don’t be like other homeowners that take their air conditioning system for granted, with an out-of-mind, out-of-sight approach. Summer is nearly upon us, and with the hot weather that we expect around this time of year in the greater Jacksonville, FL. region, it’s of vital importance that you make time for a pre-summer air conditioner check.

One of the problems with neglecting your heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC system is that you can still enjoy nicely refrigerated air during the hottest months of the year, even when equipment is not at its best. However, as dirt, dust and debris naturally build up on the coils, the system will gradually start running less efficiently. So, while your home is cool and refreshing, your home utility bills will start to rise.

Having the system cleaned at least once each year is therefore imperative, just in terms of your regular budgeting. But if you allow the AC to grow dirtier and dirtier, the equipment winds up having to work harder to get the same job done. The same forces that lead to higher utility bills also can result in unnecessary extra wear and tear, which could mean that your AC setup could break down prematurely, resulting in costly repair bills.

What follows are things that you can do as a homeowner for the pre-summer AC check, and other things that are best left to an HVAC professional.

Homeowner Tasks

Prudent homeowners want to know what steps they can take to keep their AC system running properly in between maintenance visits from a professional. The easiest thing you can do is to change the filters on a regular basis. Mark on your calendar when the manufacturer instructs you to swap out fresh filters (or to clean filters if you are using reusable ones).

You can also clean the vents in your home. A filthy vent not only results in unsanitary air, it reduces airflow. This means that the AC system needs to pump out more chilled air more often to achieve the same cooling effect as when it’s perfectly clean.

Tasks that an HVAC Professional Should Handle

Even if you are a die-hard do-it-yourselfer, there are still some tasks that are best left to HVAC professionals. You’ll want book an appointment to have a technician come and check on your AC system’s coils. A professional is also needed to check on the AC lines and see if refrigerant has leaked out and needs to be replenished.

Dust and dirt building up on the coils keeps them from working as well as they need to. Once the technician thoroughly inspects your system and cleans it, you can expect your utility bills to decrease once again and your system will not have to run quite so often.

Enjoying conditioned air when summer hits Jacksonville depends on you keeping your air conditioning system clean and well maintained. While you can take care of tasks such as cleaning out the air filters or replacing them if disposable, it’s crucial to arrange for knowledgeable professionals to come and thoroughly check out your system. For more information about keeping your air conditioning system in great working order or to make an appointment for regular maintenance, inspection and cleaning, please connect with David Gray Heating & Air today.