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How to Avoid These Common HVAC Issues During Florida Winters


How do you keep your home comfortable throughout the winter months? The key is your HVAC unit.

You’ve been there before – just as winter hits its coldest temperatures, the heat goes out. During extreme cold or extreme heat, when you need your HVAC most, something seems to go wrong. It’s almost inevitable!

We know the last thing you want in summer or winter is your home’s HVAC system to break down. Here are a few ways to avoid some of these common HVAC issues.

1. Get Ahead

Your HVAC system is working throughout the year. Therefore, it’s critical to service your unit regularly to facilitate smooth performance. Make sure to establish whether your system is functioning as expected before the onset of winter or summer. Schedule regular maintenance visits. Keep in mind, maintenance doesn’t just help ensure the right temperature of your home. HVAC units, when running properly, also provide home ventilation, a crucial aspect in keeping your indoor air pure and clean.

2. Set Your Thermostat Correctly

You can always save a lot of money on your heating bills during Florida winters by just resetting your thermostat whenever you are asleep or far away from home. You can achieve this by installing a programmable thermostat. The programmable thermostat gives you the freedom to adjust the times you turn on the heating or cooling functionalities according to a specific pre-set schedule. All programmable thermostats can store and at least repeat multiple daily settings.

Correct thermostat settings offer you the right balance between comfort and energy savings. They can also help you avoid significant repairs. The programmable thermostats tend to function well when your preferred home and away interval is set to between eight and ten hours. You should avoid frequent adjustments since they tend to eat up a lot of energy.

For the heating settings, you can keep the thermostat at around 70 degrees when you are at home. You can also set the thermostat to warm your house to this temperature few minutes to your waking time. You can also initiate the first 8-degree setback when you're leaving the house in the morning and then program the home temperature to increase gradually just before you return in the evening.

3. Make Sure the Filter Is Changed

You should also make sure that your system’s air filters are ready for the winter. Air filters are a central component of the HVAC system you shouldn’t ignore. Apart from improving the quality of your indoor air quality, they also protect your system against large objects being pulled into the system which could cause damage to your HVAC system.

The entire air handled by your HVAC system passes through the air filters at some point. As the filter does its work of preventing air pollution agents such as pet dander, mold, sand, and fungal spores from spreading throughout your home, the fine mesh through which air passes becomes denser over time. If you don’t clean or replace your air filters regularly, it stops purifying the air which results in poor indoor air quality.

4. Avoid Major Temperature Changes in Your Home

Just like your body system, your HVAC system is adapted to controlling specific temperature limits in your home.  Extreme and sudden temperature changes in your home can hurt the performance of your HVAC system. Making extreme temperature changes will force your system to shift into an overworking mode as it tries to adjust which can lead to unexpected breakdowns.

If you are planning to initiate temperature changes in your home, then it is advisable that you make the process a gradual other than sudden. With a gradual process, you allow your HVAC system to adjust to the new temperature slowly which may not affect it in any way.

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