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Find the Source of Worrisome Water Pressure


There is nothing more disappointing than hopping in the shower after a long day only to be met by a trickle of water. While it may seem like just an annoyance, there are a number of serious issues that could contribute to the low water pressure. Here are three of the biggest reasons:

1. There is a clog in the pipes

Over time, deposits can build up in the pipes and stop water from flowing freely. If the pipes become too clogged, your faucets may only produce very limited water. In worst case scenarios, the deposits become too heavy and the pipes may need to be replaced.

2. Your water is forced to travel uphill or over a great distance

In this case, it's not you, it's just your location. If you are farther away from the main water source or the plumbing forces the water to travel against gravity, you may have weak water pressure. You can fix this by having a plumber install a water pressure booster pump.

3. There is a leak in the plumbing

If you have pipes that are cracked or damaged, water may be escaping and causing you to lose water pressure. In this case, depending on the damage, you may have to completely replace the pipes. While this can be a costly project, not only will your water pressure increase, you should also benefit from a lower water bill.

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