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Tips for homeowners when hiring an HVAC professional


If you have recently moved into a new home in the greater Jacksonville, FL region, you will need to find a heating, ventilation and air conditioning professional that you can trust and rely on to keep your HVAC system running properly. If there is no system in place now, you will have to bring in professionals to advise you on selecting equipment before they install it.

Since many homeowners have limited experience in evaluating HVAC professionals, we would like to take this opportunity to offer some tips to speed up the hiring process.

Tips for Hiring an HVAC Pro

Prudent homeowners will take the necessary preventative steps to maintain their HVAC equipment. But you don’t want to go with the first HVAC company you run across.

It’s best to go with an HVAC company that has been in the business for many years, serving the same community. Businesses with roots are typically going to be more competent and reliable than a fly-by-night outfit that is more interested in making fast money than in keeping customers’ equipment functioning.

Check the company for consumer complaints, such as through the Better Business Bureau. Don’t stop with professional review services, though.

Ask the contractor for references and make sure to follow through by talking with each homeowner on the list. When you speak with references, find out if the contractors seemed knowledgeable and efficient. You also may want to see if the company has proper licenses and carries appropriate contractor’s insurance.

Observe the HVAC technician at work. Does he or she make a thorough inspection of the home to determine what needs to be cleaned, maintained, repaired or replaced? You don’t want to hire someone to install or maintain HVAQ equipment if you aren’t confident in the technician’s knowledge and ability.

Always get an estimate before work begins. An HVAC pro will be happy to write you a detailed description of the job at hand.

Problems that Can Reduce the Efficiency of Your HVAC Setup

Under ideal conditions, your HVAC system will run efficiently, using the minimum amount of energy to keep the dwelling comfortable throughout the year. Without regular inspections, maintenance, cleaning and repairs, the problems will worsen and eventually you will have a much bigger repair or replacement bill.

The climate where you live can affect the performance of HVAC equipment, since muggier and hotter regions require you to run the air conditioning longer in the summer and locations that are more frigid mean extra use of the furnace. Aside from climate differences, a number of other factors contribute to the decline of an HVAC system’s functions.

For example, if you have air filters to keep out dirt, debris, pollution and animal hair but fail to clean them (or replace if disposable), they will eventually get clogged. Likewise, a fan motor that needs to be lubricated, a flue that is covered in soot or air ducts that have leaks can lead to a reduction in operational efficiency by as much as 25%.

The Importance of Ongoing Maintenance

Manufacturers design new HVAC systems to last about 10 to 15 years. However, you can’t expect the equipment to function properly for that amount of time if you don’t have an HVAC professional come by to inspect and service it at least once per year.

Your HVAC system is a significant investment in your home and it should be treated with care and respect in order to lower the total cost of ownership as much as possible. As a responsible homeowner, you realize the necessity of regular maintenance and inspections to prolong the effective use of your heating and cooling system. The professionals at David Gray Heating & Air are standing by to assist you. For more information on maintaining your HVAC equipment or to make an appointment for service, please contact us today.