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Should I Buy a Bigger HVAC Unit?


Now that summer has begun, homeowners in Jacksonville, Florida will be relying on their air conditioning equipment to keep them cool and comfortable as the mercury continues to rise. And when the system doesn’t seem to be working efficiently, it may be a warning sign that new equipment should have been installed. 

It’s times like these that people start to wonder if they should buy a bigger heating, ventilation and air conditioning or HVAC unit. If you’re in this position, here are some questions to consider before you contact the team at David Gray Heating & Air about ordering a larger replacement.

Does the AC Run Constantly?

A major indicator that the air conditioning unit is too small for a home is when it runs all the time. Efficient HVAC equipment will cool your home by turning on just enough to bring the temperature down to your preferred setting. If the system is running all the time, it is working way too hard.

Assuming that you’ve had the system inspected, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, you can rule out that the HVAC equipment is running harder because of a buildup of dirt and debris on the coil, lowering its efficiency.

An improperly sized air conditioning unit that runs all the time is more likely to break down and malfunction. A technician needs to make a heat-load calculation for the home to help determine the proper size unit for your dwelling.

Is the Electricity Bill Always Too High for a Home of Your Size?

Paying close attention to your monthly electricity bill has shown you that it’s always much higher than it should be for the size of home you live in. This might be based on the bills you previously had for a similar home, or you have compared notes with your fellow neighbors.

An efficient AC system that has been properly sized for your particular home will not use so much electricity. You’ll see a decline in utility bills and will also have the satisfaction that comes from doing your part to conserve resources.

Using a Smart Thermostat with Your New HVAC Unit

If it turns out that you do need to install a bigger HVAC unit, you’ll want to control the new equipment with a smart thermostat. Program the thermostat to activate the AC according to your family’s schedule, which may vary between weekdays and weekends.

Having HVAC professionals inspect, clean and maintain your equipment every year will further help improve the efficiency as well as prolong its useful life.

The high temperatures that we experience every summer in the greater Jacksonville, Florida region and beyond require the best possible HVAC equipment in order to keep your family cool and comfortable. If you have reasons to suspect that you actually need a bigger HVAC unit, the team at David Gray Heating & Air will be happy to assist. Our technicians have years of experience in correctly sizing HVAC units to houses both big and small. For more information or to make an appointment, please connect with us today.