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Holiday Lighting Tips to Set the Mood


Holiday feasts bring to mind warmly lit tables filled with home-cooked food and surrounded by family. While festive décor sets the scene, subtle lighting touches can make the biggest impact. We've compiled our top tips to help you set the perfect holiday mood.

Take advantage of programmable lighting

Put your smart home to work by setting your lights to fit the various moods of your meal. Keep things bright while you finish cooking and guests snack on appetizers. When you're ready to sit down, program everything to dim except a chandelier or overhead lights. After the meal, bring the lights back up, but keep them at a lower level for a more relaxed feel.

Use spotlights to draw your guests' eyes to key areas

Give your holiday-decorated mantelpiece or an eye-catching display the attention it deserves by utilizing spotlights. You can set up a spotlight that faces the display or incorporate lights into the display itself. For example, lights can be built into shelves to make them stand out. 

Create a candle-lit experience

Nothing says "special occasion" better than a candle-lit meal. The soft light is more flattering and creates an intimate atmosphere. If you want more use out of candles, you can now install chandeliers and other lighting fixtures that perfectly mimic the brightness and movement of candle lights while lasting much longer.

Don't forget mood music

When you program your lighting, remember to also set up your music to work with your lighting for the evening. Start out with faster-paced, festive music to keep the mood cheery, but make the music softer as the lights dim.

With these lighting accents, your home feel cozier than ever this holiday season. If you want to add special lighting or smart home features before your next family gathering, call David Gray Electrical Services at (904) 605-8190.