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Germicidal UV Light FAQ


Wondering if a germicidal UV light is necessary to boost the air quality in your home? Here are some of the facts you need to know in order to make an informed decision.

What is a UV Light?

Ultra-violet light is the part of the light spectrum that lies between the wavelengths of 200 nanometers and 400 nanometers. It is categorized into three separate types:

  • UV-C lies in the range of 100nm and 280nm. UV-C is the germicidal UV.
  • UV-B is in the 280nm and 315nm band. UV-B is known to cause sunburn.
  • UV-A takes the upper part of the spectrum between 315nm to 400nm. The long wave UV-A is commonly referred to as black light.

What is Germicidal UV?

Shortwave UV light (or UV-C) is called germicidal because it is used in microbial control. It deactivates the DNA of viruses, bacteria and other disease causing pathogens, making it impossible for them to multiply. The most effective frequency for this use is within 254nm and 265nm. Most efficient germicidal lamps produce UV lights in this range.

How does it Work?

UV-C light destroys the nucleic acid of microbes by creating covalent bonds between close DNA bases. Consequently, unzipping of the DNA for replication becomes impossible. The inability to replicate leads to the death of the affected organism. The degree of the effectiveness of the exposure depends on the duration and the intensity of the exposure.

Why do I Need it in My HVAC?

A germicidal UV light can significantly reduce the number of airborne natural contaminants found in HVAC units and prevent them from entering your home’s airflow. It eliminates viruses, molds, bacteria, and yeasts.

What Are Its Benefits?

First, germicidal UV is a non-chemical technology, keeping you and your family safe from chemicals. It is also affordable and requires very little maintenance. Its ability to reduce microbes in the air space and ducts significantly reduces the health problems that can come with inhaling these microorganisms. It also keeps the coils inside your unit mold-free, consequently enhancing their efficiency.

Why Should I Install a Germicidal UV Light?

With windows and doors shut, the indoor air is constantly recirculating inside your house. As the air becomes stagnant, bacteria, microbes, and yeast become more concentrated. Aggravated asthma, inflammation of the mucous membrane and problems of the upper respiratory become more pronounced. Installing a germicidal UV reduces the concentration of these microbes significantly and reduces the chance of a health issue occurring.

How Regular Are the Maintenance Services?

Most experts recommend UV lamps be cleaned twice a year to remove dust. The effectiveness of some of the UV lamps is reduced if too much dust is allowed to build up.  

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