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Tips for Upgrading Your Shower Experience


April is the season of spring showers, but when's the last time you thought about updating your home shower? A high-quality shower can transform your bathroom into a luxurious home spa, but it's a plumbing fixture that sometimes gets ignored. Whether you want to remodel your whole bathroom or just make a few adjustments, here are tips for maximizing your shower system.

Clean your showerhead

If your showerhead has developed an uneven spray, the holes are likely clogged with mineral deposits and need to be cleaned. Depending on the type of showerhead, you may be able to unscrew it, gently clean out the holes with a thin wire and soak it with vinegar. However, if you aren't sure how to disassemble it, contact a plumbing professional first. A plumber can also check to see if any other issues are causing a clog in your shower.

Get a low-flow showerhead

You can bypass cleaning your showerhead by purchasing a new one. Modern showerheads work differently from the old ones, delivering strong water pressure while still reducing your water bill. Low-flow showerheads are particularly energy efficient. A multitude of options exist that are designed to meet your unique needs - whether you prefer a handheld, rainfall or high-pressure wash.    

Install a walk-in shower

Nothing makes your bathroom feel more like a personal oasis than replacing the old bathtub or shower with a walk-in feature. You can go the extra mile by putting showerheads on the sides of the shower for a full-body experience. If you don't have room for a walk-in, you can still open the space by swapping the shower curtain for glass doors and updating your shower fixtures.

The bathroom of your dreams starts with creating the ultimate shower experience. For maintenance on your shower or to get started on updating your plumbing system, call David Gray Plumbing at (904) 605-8190. Our Design Studio can help you redesign your entire bathroom if you'd like - contact us at (904) 605-8190