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When You Need to Repair Your Bathroom Plumbing


Faulty plumbing is frequently listed as a top concern for homeowners, yet many people are content to "wait and see" when they spot a seemingly minor issue. No one wants to incur the expense of repairs, but you're likely to spend less if you call in a professional as soon as you see something wrong. Here's a list of issues that may seem small, but could actually be a sign you need a plumbing repair.

Knocking sounds in the pipes

If you hear knocking when using your plumbing, you have a problem. The knocking is from shifting pipes, which could be a symptom of many issues - including pressurization in the pipes, loose valves, loose support straps or water pressure that's too high. Get a plumber in as soon as possible to reduce the risk of broken pipes and a flooded bathroom.

Low water pressure

You should get a full stream of water when you turn on your faucet. Low water pressure could indicate older, corroded pipes - a problem that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Dripping faucet

Continual dripping is more than just annoying, it's a waste of water that can drive up your water bill. Whether you fix it yourself or call in an expert, it's worth addressing and may be the ideal opportunity to upgrade your fixtures.

Discolored water

Water should always be clear when coming out of your pipes. White or cloudy water signifies air in your pipes, brown or red means rust, and green or blue indicates that copper plumbing has corroded. In all cases, contact a professional when you notice discoloration.

If you notice any of these problems or are concerned about the health of your bathroom's plumbing, schedule a David Gray Plumbing professional by calling (904) 605-8190.