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When It's Time to Hire a Plumber


Most homeowners usually try to cut costs by trying to repair minor issues themselves. Although this may sound good, sometimes you might need to elevate the problem when it comes to your plumbing repairs. Handling certain plumbing issues without professional assistance can end up causing more damage and cost you a lot more money in the long run.

Here are some of the common signs that it's time to call a plumber.

No Water at All

Nothing is more stressful than not having water in your home. Make sure you call a plumber if you discover you have nothing beyond a few drips. Check whether your neighbors have water and if you find out the problem has only affected you, don't hesitate to take appropriate measures. Having no water at all is a major warning sign that something has gone wrong somewhere and it needs to be fixed immediately. Significant leaks, frozen pipes and problems with the main can cause you to lose water.

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is also another indicator of a significant plumbing problem that needs to be fixed by a professional plumber. Sometimes, cleaning out your faucet's aerator can help you restore the normal water pressure, but if the issue persists, there is a high probability the problem is bigger. Other factors that can affect your normal water pressure include a major water leak, fractured water pipe and an eroded water line.

While there are a few other ways to find the source of low water pressure, leave the troubleshooting to an experienced plumber who will help you identify the real cause of the drop in water pressure.

Frozen Pipes

If any of your pipes freeze, be sure to check carefully to see if the pipe has cracked or burst. If any of these has already happened, go ahead and contact a professional plumber. Although you may try to thaw your frozen pipes with a hair dryer, you may still want to call a plumber even if the pipe hasn't cracked or burst. A professional plumber may opt to replace the specific section of a frozen pipe rather than thawing it.

Your Drains Won't Drain

Clogs are common in home plumbing - from toilets and tabs to both indoor and outdoor faucets. Although some of these clogs can easily be undone with a plunger and a little effort, don't hesitate to contact a plumber if you can't unclog them after a bit of plunger work. Professional plumbers can use other tools such as cameras to look deeper into your pipes for specific particles that may be causing the problem. Keep in mind that roots, hair and even grease buildup can easily get into your underground systems and cause severe problems. Constant drain issues can also be a significant sign of a major plumbing issue.

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You No Longer Receive Hot Water

Sometimes, it might be difficult to determine the real cause of this problem if your water tank isn't leaking. Some of the common electric heater problems include issues with circuit breakers, heating elements, overloaded switches, blown fuses and faulty thermometers. Some of the common gas heater problems include thermocouple burners and igniters. A professional contractor will troubleshoot the entire water heating system, establish the problem and fix it.

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Always hire a professional and experienced plumber when you discover the problem is extensive and requires expertise to fix it. Contact David Gray Plumbing to get started today.

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