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How to Reduce Stress on Your Pipes this Summer


Summertime brings us countless sunny days spent enjoying the warm weather. As much as our focus is drawn to the outdoors over the summer months, it's important to pay attention to what's happening inside as well - specifically with your plumbing. Here's some insight into what your pipes are going through this season and how you can keep them in tip-top shape:

More Showers = More Clogs

If you frequently deal with hair and debris build-up in your shower drains, the summer may amplify those issues even further. Your family may shower more often in the summer to stay fresh in the sweltering weather. This leads to more hair down the drain, as well as sand from the beach, dirt from the garden, and more. If you see water starting to pool up, address it quickly so the clog doesn't get worse.

Washers and Dryers Work Overtime

As you spend more time outdoors, your clothes will cycle through your washer and dryer much more often. Don't neglect your washing machine's hoses in the summer: a bulge, crack, or leak could cause the hose to burst and flood your laundry room. In addition, be sure to thoroughly clean your lint catcher. A dryer fire could spread quickly in the summer heat.

Summer Foods Affect Garbage Disposals

You may already know not to push "stringy" foods such as celery and banana peels down your disposal. But, did you know that oils or greasy foods - items often found at BBQs - can also wreak havoc on your kitchen pipes? Oily substances stick to the sides of your pipes and not only cause build-up, but also attract roaches. Avoid bugs and clogs by not putting greasy and oily foods into your sink.

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