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5 Signs It's Time to Call an Electrician


Juggling the responsibilities of homeownership can be difficult, especially if your home is on the older side or needs a few updates. One thing you should never mess around with, however, are electrical issues. Even a small problem could lead to a deadly fire. Here are a few electrical warning signs you just can't ignore.

1. Flickering Lights

Generally, lights shouldn't flicker unless they're twinkling on a Christmas tree. If your overhead lights flicker, it's a sign that needs to be addressed by an electrician. It could be something as simple as your bulb is a bit loose in the socket, or something as serious as you have a faulty connection with your switch or a large current draw from other appliances.

2. Strange Odors Near Electrical Outlets

If an outlet ever smells like its burning or smoky, this is a definite sign that your electrical system needs attention. There could be a number of reasons for this, but the most common is a short circuit with the outlet's wiring. The burning you smell are the sparks coming off the wires. If you have anything flammable nearby, these sparks could easily start a fire.

3. Buzzing or Humming Sounds

Normal electrical systems should run smoothly without any noise. If you hear a buzzing, humming, or popping near your breaker or electrical appliances, something is definitely amiss. Often, this is the result of a loose connection or a short in the wiring. In some cases, you might even be hearing the sparking of wires in the walls.

4. An Outlet Stops Working

If only one outlet in your home stops working, and you've verified that the breakers and the GFCI aren't tripped, then you definitely have a problem on your hands that calls for an electrician. Most likely, your outlet has simply gone bad and will need to be replaced before it can function again. It might also be burned out because of a short circuit.

5. Circuit Breakers Frequently Tripping

Your circuit breaker should rarely trip. If it happens on a regular basis, you definitely need to call an electrician, as it means your system is probably outdated. Older homes often have circuit breakers that simply weren't equipped to handle all of the electrical devices we use today. This causes them to overload whenever you try to use demanding appliances. At some point, this could start a fire or lead to short circuiting.

Call an Electrician Now Before It's Too Late

Watching a DIY YouTube tutorial and hoping for the best when it comes to fixing your own electrical issues is a recipe for disaster. Instead, call in the professionals to help. At David Gray Electrical Services, we offer a number of electrical services for homeowners. To find out more, call us at (904) 605-8190 or contact us today.