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Fight the Flu with Your Central Air Unit


Flu season hit hard this year. Nobody wants the running nose, constant headaches, stuffiness and the dry mouth of the flu. While your HVAC is no flu shot, the system can help you prevent the flu and recover since fighting it has a lot to do with the quality of your indoor air.

If your indoor air is of poor quality, it can lead to severe health complications. The existence of mold, dust and bacteria can worsen the symptoms of flu.

Here are a few easy upgrades you should make to your home to battle germs and avoid sicknesses.

4 HVAC Upgrades to Help Alleviate Flu Symptoms

Install an Air Purifier

The leading cause of flu in your home is pollen particles in the air, mold and bacteria. Sometimes, these pollen particles can also cause severe irritation to the eyes which may lead to other complications. The airborne virus tends to move from one person to another through sneezing and coughing.

Your HVAC system, on the other hand, circulates air in your home at least once for every 11.5 minutes which offers a perfect location for purifying your indoor air. Don’t waste your money purchasing room air cleaners that won’t be of much help to you. Instead, contact a professional HVAC technician and request him/her to add an air purifier to your AC system. This will go a long way in providing cleaner and healthier indoor air which reduces your family exposure to viruses and bacteria.

Invest in Air Filters

We can never stop insisting on the importance of changing your air filters regularly especially during the high seasons. Typically, old and dirty air filters tend to hold germs that are filtered throughout your home which increases your chances of contracting flu significantly. Investing in clean and strong air filters will prevent the bacteria and numerous germs from passing through your home. 

You should also invest in air filters with higher MERV ratings which will play a crucial role in improving the quality of the air in your home. Higher MERV air filters are more effective at trapping bacteria and viruses compared to the standard air filters which protect you and your family from flu. Contact an HVAC expert to establish which high-efficiency air filter is suitable for your system.

Increase the Humidity in Your Home

The level of humidity in your indoor air plays a critical role in the survival of viruses and germs. Typically, these germs and viruses thrive well in low humidity. High humidity, on the other hand, can lead to an increase in mold growth in your home which is dangerous to your health. However, a properly functioning HVAC system not only heats and cools your home but also adjusts your home humidity too. Increasing the moisture up to certain levels can help prevent the spread of flu in your home. The increase in moisture also lessens your dry, cracked lips, prevents nose bleeds and makes your sinuses clearer.

Clean Your Air Ducts

The existence of dirty, clogged, or damaged HVAC system air ducts increases not only your energy bills but also affects the quality of your indoor air. Sometimes, the various contaminants and mold growth that spread flu breed in the air ducts of your system. Duct cleaning is always recommended as a preventive measure to fight various illnesses such as flu. Effective duct cleaning eliminates bacteria, dust, mildew, mold and other flu causing contaminants.

Your Air Quality is a Priority

Your home’s air quality should be one of your top concerns, not only battling illness, but for your overall health. At David Gray Heating & Air, we can help you take care of all your air quality needs. Our trained technicians have the expertise and customer service to makes us a choice you can trust.

Don’t wait for pesky germs and poor air quality ruin your day. Schedule a preventative maintenance appointment to improve the air in your home.

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