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Early Signs Showing Your AC Needs Repairing


Everyone loves having a reliable air conditioner (AC) that serves their needs regardless of the weather conditions. However, after installation, little attention is paid to the AC until it develops problems or stops working completely. The good news is that you can actually have your air conditioner repaired to optimal functioning.

Below are the major signs that indicate your AC needs repair.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

Having a malfunctioning thermostat is often infuriating. Moreover, it prevents your AC from turning on and even if it does, it does not work as a set. It is either the temperature doesn’t reach the set or programmed temperature or it exceeds the set limit. More often than not, you will not notice that your thermostat is faulty until a hot day when the air won’t cool appropriately. When presented with this kind of problem, it’s time to consider having your AC checked. A faulty thermostat could be indicating that the compressor in your AC has failed hence the cause of uneven heating.

AC Dripping Water

If you notice that your AC is dripping water, then make sure you turn off the thermostat so that further damage is prevented. It is highly likely the condensate clog line is blocked or the air filter is dirty. You can repair the condensate line by using a special vacuum to suck out the dirt, sludge or mold that gets clogged in the drain line. In addition, you should have your air filter replaced every three months to keep your AC functioning optimally.

Odd Noises

These come in a wide range including grinding, grating or squealing sounds. A squealing sound usually indicates that the belt has been misplaced from its original position. It could also indicate your AC needs lubrication. If you happen to hear grinding sound, it could be that your motor bearings are broken. All these sounds show you it’s time you serviced your unit or replaced it altogether.

Air Isn’t Cold

It can be quite frustrating to turn on your air conditioner on a hot day and the temperature remains the same. It’s also a common HVAC problem to experience during the summer. If you happen to experience this, you should consider replacing your unit. There are several factors that cause the air coming from the vents not to cool. Among them is a failed compressor or low levels of your system’s Freon levels. The best thing, however, about replacing your unit is that the air will cool to your convenience.

Uneven Cooling

You notice this when part of the room is cooler or hotter than another part of the same room. This is most likely due to poor air flow through your vents. To prevent this, you should have your AC vents cleaned regularly to maintain optimum airflow. In addition, you can have the ducts of your air condition cleaned as well.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Running

Having a well-functioning air conditioning system makes life a lot easier – especially here in Northeast Florida. It provides a comfortable environment, both in the office or at home. Having known the various pointers to a failing AC system, it is crucial to have it repaired to keep it working optimally.

At David Gray Heating & Air, we can help keep your air conditioning running. Whether you need to replace or repair your unit, our trained technicians have the experience you can trust.

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