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How to Protect Your Plumbing from Pets


We love our pets, but can probably agree we don't love dealing with the fur, the chewing, or the mess. Have you ever thought about how your pets could affect your plumbing? Here are a few things to watch out for.

Protect Your Pipes from Clogging

Unless you're lucky enough to have a breed of cat or dog that doesn't shed, you're probably up to your ears in hair. If you're not careful, this hair can clog up your pipes, leading to a plumbing disaster. Prevent this by always  using drain plugs or stoppers when giving your pet a bath. This lets you collect all the hair in the tub before it flows down the drain and creates a massive clog.

Keep Doors and Lids Closed

It's no secret that both dogs and cats love to sample the fine delicacy that is your toilet water. Unfortunately, this is just as gross as it sounds, as your toilet can be teeming with chemicals from cleaners. Additionally, their hair can collect in the bowl, contributing to a clogged pipe down the road. Avoid this by keeping the toilet lid and door to the bathroom closed.

Never Flush Cat Litter

Flushing cat litter might sound convenient, but it will wreak havoc on your toilet pipes. Even brands that claim to be flushable can eventually clog or gum up on the pipes, decreasing the flow of water.

Make Sure Water Dishes Are Full

One reason many pets flock to the toilet for some slurping is because their water bowls are empty. Having fresh and clean water available at all times for your pet can drastically reduce the chance they'll use this alternate water source.

Rinse Mudd Off Outside

Letting your dog play in the mud is all fun and games until it comes time for cleaning up. Your first instinct may be to drag them straight to the bathroom for a rinse. Unfortunately, this lets big clumps of hair and mud go down your drain, further contributing to clogs. A better idea is to give them a quick rinse off outside to eliminate most of the dirt. After that, you can lead them to the tub for a more thorough cleanse.

Watch for Digging

If your dog is a digger, you'll definitely have to be on alert. Letting your pup create holes in your backyard means they might uncover water or sewer lines. If they're really enthusiastic, they might try to bite or claw at these once they dig them up, creating even bigger problems.

Hide Your Cleaning Supplies

Dogs and cats are curious by nature, so they might not think twice about sampling that bottle of cleaner you have sitting in the bathroom. That's why you should always put away your cleaning supplies after you are done using them.

If you do ever develop any pet-related plumbing problems, chances are we can help. Give David Gray Plumbing a call today at (904) 605-8190 to learn more about how we can  fix your drains clogged with dog hair or your pipes filled with puppy bite marks.