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Down the Drain? Don’t Despair!


No matter how careful we are around water and drains, accidents happen. Small items, especially jewelry, can get washed down the drain in an instant, causing immediate panic. If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, stay calm. Read our short guidelines for how to retrieve your items if you lose them in the drain.

If You Lose Your Item in the Sink Drain

First and foremost, shut off the water! The item will probably be stuck below the P-trap, a tube shaped like the letter "P," in the section of drain that looks like the letter "J." Place a bucket under the tubes, untwist them and gently unscrew the tube sections from each other. Your item will more than likely be caught in these tubes along with some hair and sink debris.

If You Lose Your Item in the Toilet

Whatever you do, DON'T flush the toilet again, or you will risk pushing your item farther down the drain. Then, check to see if your item is actually stuck deep at the bottom of your toilet bowl. No luck? You'll have to remove your toilet from its base. Shut off the water, drain the water out of the bowl, and carefully take apart the toilet to lift it off the ground. Turn the fixture upside down and give it a shake, then go in with a drain snake to dig out your item from the toilet trap. If you are not particularly handy, you may want a plumber for this project.

If You Lose Your Item in the Shower Drain

Same as with the toilet and sink, be sure to immediately shut off the water. Grab the tools you need to remove your drain cover and set the cover aside. Next, take a vacuum cleaner suction tool and place it above the drain. Watch and listen intently for the sight or sound of your item coming back up the drain and into your vacuum cleaner bag. If your item is made of metal, you can also try using a strong magnet on a string or hanger, dangling it down your drain to catch the item.

Sometimes, you may need a plumber to help rescue your items from the drain. David Gray Plumbing can help with this and much more. Call us at (904) 605-8190.