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Three Ways Smart Plumbing Can Save You Money


In the past, there was no way to tell when a pipe or appliance could burst or break and cause catastrophic water damage. If a pipe sprung a leak while the homeowner was away, water would continue to flow across the home until the leak was discovered and stopped. Today, wireless leak detection devices can be placed throughout a house - bringing peace of mind to homeowners. Read David Gray's insight on the many money-saving benefits of installing smart plumbing. 

Protecting Your Home and Valuables

According to data released by The Travelers Companies, Inc., non-weather-related water damage is the second most common insurance claim filed by homeowners. From washing machines to kitchen sinks, most homes contain a handful of plumbing fixtures that can lead to a water damage disaster. A burst pipe can do more than flood your laundry room or bathroom - it can lead to ruined floors, furniture and prized possessions. Smart plumbing systems offer protection by alerting you to trouble immediately. In fact, a leakSMART system can automatically shut off your home's main water supply merely five seconds after a leak is detected.

Detecting Potential Damage

Aging pipes and appliances have numerous seals that loosen over time, leading to small leaks that the average homeowner may not notice. However, even a tiny leak can become costly over time. In many instances, homeowners do not investigate for leaks until they see an uptick in their monthly water bill. With a smart plumbing system, potential problem areas are monitored around the clock, alerting you via a smartphone application, SMS and email if a leak is detected.  

Qualifying for Insurance Discounts

Investing in a wireless leak detection system not only brings peace of mind to homeowners - it can also deliver big savings on their home insurance bill. Insurance companies recognize that it takes less time, money and energy to protect a home from water damage than to recover from it. This is why many home insurance agencies offer premium discounts for families who utilize a wireless leak detection system.

If you're curious about the benefits of a wireless leak detection system, call the professionals at David Gray Plumbing. In addition to leakSMART servicing, David Gray offers complete home plumbing services and repairs to homes, condos and multi-family complexes. For more information, call (904) 605-8190 or visit