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A Guide to Electrical Terms


1. Torches

If you are looking to make your backyard more festive, choose torches. There is something exciting and comforting about the flickering lights that everyone loves. There are different types of torches that you can choose from, including gas lit or solar powered. However, with all the choices, fuel lit torches are the most used. If you seek ambient lighting, the torches should be placed around the garden preferably 15 feet apart and 4 feet away from tables and chairs. If you want to light up a pathway, consider alternating the sides so that the path does not look like an airport runway. If you want to accent a certain yard feature such as a fountain, place the torches around the feature so as to highlight it well.

2. Firepit

In the recent years, there has been a surge in fire pit use popularity. They form an ideal source of both warmth and light. They are also an ideal focal point for eating, socializing and outdoor relaxation. It does not matter how generous or limited your budget is, there is a fire pit model that will increase your yard enjoyment. When using a fire pit, ensure you allow at least six feet of cleared space around it. When using real wood, consider using a mesh cover to avoid sparks flying out of the pit onto flammable material. Choose a rather protected area if you use wood as your fuel.

3. Lanterns

Lanterns have been a popular source of light since the days of ancient Greeks to modern day. However, unlike the ancient Greeks who used oil lanterns, modern lanterns use electricity and light bulbs. Candle lanterns are also popular if you wish to create a romantic atmosphere. Lanterns provide a chic glow and a nautical touch to your yard. Electric lanterns can be fixed on the walls of your house, on poles, or on either side of the console for proper illumination.

4. Stake lights

Stake lights are among the most versatile lighting options for your yard. They can be either permanent or temporary depending on your preference. Stake lights are most effective in highlighting yard features such as ornaments, flowers or plants. Stake lights add a sense of sophistication, style and warmth around the yard. 

5. Pool lights

Gone are the days when pool lights were used simply to avoid the accidental pool dive. In addition to practicality, pool lights usually enhance the design of the pool and highlight the impressive water feature. Correct positioning of the underwater lights is the key to achieving an even illumination and avoiding ugly shadows. If you have a small and geometric pool, one light is enough. It should be positioned at the end so that it illuminates the full length. If you wish to use plenty of lights ensure they are in a row and they are evenly spaced. Aim the lights away from where the seating area is to avoid direct shine into people's eyes. 

You have probably invested a lot in terms of money, time, and effort to get your home to look its best in the light of day. As the sun sets, keep your home looking fabulous using outdoor lighting. It not only extends the social hours of the outdoor living space, but also increases curb appeal of your home. To get expert help, contact David Gray Electrical Services today.